Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fall fun

kennedy and blakely had their fall festival and class party at school yesterday. it was fun to stand back and watch them in a different environment and wonder how they can have the same dna. i guess they definitely look alike to those who don't know them very well. at each station of the festival they went to, one would take her turn doing the activity, then when the other one went to the station a few minutes later, the teacher working the station would say "you already had a turn, so let's let the other kids go first". she would give a sad look and try to defend herself, but it's a little confusing for a 3 year old to try and explain that it was her twin, not her. most of the kids are fascinated with 2 kids who look alike, and a lot of the moms told me that their kids go home and talk about kennedy and blakely and how they wear the same clothes and look the same, and how they want to have a twin too. so sweet. k and b wonder why the kids in their class weren't born with a friend. they spent the first month of school trying to figure out who in the class lived in a tummy together. here they are with some of their friends:

kennedy excited:

blakely, trying to learn how to hoola-hoop:

their class decorated cookies, and i was amused at how well the cookies showed k and b's personalities. the teacher gave them a little cup with sprinkles, skittles, and m&ms, and after they frosted their cookie, they were free to decorate it however they wanted. here's all of the cookies together; typical kid-decorated cookies:

blakely, my perfectionist, made sure her's were lined up; sprinkles were way too out-of-control for her:

kennedy, my little piggie, ate all of her skittles and m&ms and just put the sprinkles on:

we had pizza for lunch, and again, i got to see how very different my kids are from the typical 3 year old. every other kid's plate; a few nibbles gone:

k and b's plates like 30 seconds after they got pizza; not a crumb left:

my kids eat like grown men. whether it's pizza and cupcakes, or raw broccoli, they eat whatever i put in front of them, and mass quantities of it. i know i'm lucky, but our grocery bill looks like we already have 2 teenagers.

brett came too, and in a really exciting moment, a mom told me k and b look just like me! 4th time in 3 years!

and finally, a good depiction of k and b's polar opposite personalities (click play on the bottom left of the video). i wasn't in a place to get a good shot of blakely, but you can see her little head behind the other kids. not sure why she cried at the end. their thoughts:
k: "singing is so much fun!"
b: "do these kids not know how dorky they look singing this stupid song?"

happy fall!

grown up

for those of you with older kids...did you have an official time in their life when you all of a sudden thought they looked old? k and b stayed with mimi and g-daddy last weekend while brett and i were in blue ridge, and they e-mailed these pictures to us....

b left, k right



b left, k right

b left, k right

i almost cried. they look like little girls now. all trace of baby is gone. they're tall and getting hair (i know they're 3, but this is a huge step in our house), and their faces are changing. i know these little moments of realizing time is slipping away are going to come throughout the years, and i really like toddlers way better than babies, so i don't know why i'm so sad, but i am. the advice i received over and over and over again from strangers when i would go anywhere with k and b as babies was "enjoy them. it goes by so fast". "good" i thought, strolling away as my colicky twins screamed and turned purple and people stared and wondered who the poor mom who couldn't make her kids stop crying was. but i get it now. they're precious and time is precious and the first few years were rough, but i still want to stop time and make sure they never go to real school or drive or cry over the boy that liked one over the other. my babies are growing up and i don't really think i like it as much as i thought i would.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pretty kitchen duds

tea towels from studio patro

Monday, October 26, 2009


kennedy: "blakely, will you get your picture made when we grow up?"

Saturday, October 24, 2009


if i would have written this post earlier in the day, there would be a different tone to it. i spent most of the day feeling defeated and angry. i have that child. the one, pre-kids, i used to think "that mom needs to learn to control her kid" about. i have that child, and i feel absolutely powerless to do anything about it. i don't know what to do, not just to make my child obey and show respect, but to just make her not a miserable person. from the time we brought blakely home from the hospital at a month old, she cried. i thought she was in pain, so we put her on reflux medicine, but she kept crying. i thought she was frustrated that she couldn't crawl or walk, but when she became mobile she kept crying. i thought surely when she could begin to tell us what she wanted she would finally be the happy and content baby i would see other moms with. but, you guessed it; she started talking and kept crying. remind me to delete this post when she can read, because i don't want her to see herself as the "difficult one", but i'm at a loss. i've said that for 3 years now, but i really am.

so i suppose you can guess how the photo shoot went. i always try to create an exciting and energetic tone in our house in the mornings to hopefully start the day out with good moods all around. it was great until 7, then b's complaints started rolling. she didn't like where the blueberries were placed in her kashi waffle, she wanted to wear a pink bow instead of white, and she didn't like the shirt brett was wearing for the picture; she said it looked like a dress and she was mad daddy was wearing a dress. she wanted to wear her tennis shoes (with a smocked dress...classy) and she wanted to make sure we were getting brusters' purple ice cream; no other kind. once we arrived exhausted at the shoot, the real crying began. she cried from the time we got there until we put her down for a nap. i know it sounds like i'm being dramatic because it was just pictures and not a life or death situation, but it's exhausting to face the rebellion day in and day out. and you can guess what she said about the ice cream once the shoot began: "i don't want ice cream". told you.

in any other case, i would say "that kid's 3...WAY too old to be acting like that". but i mean it when i say i don't know what to do. i don't know why she's so unhappy, and you can only discipline a child so much. blakely can be such a sweet little girl, and when she finally breaks, she breaks hard and just falls in our arms and wants to be held and cuddled. she wears a tough shell, but when you get through to the core of her, she has the sweetest and most tender little heart. i want to know how to make that come out more. i don't know what i'm doing wrong.

i hesitate to even write this post because i know how many women out there have either been unable to get pregnant or have lost a child, and would give anything for a child who screams all day long. i'm grateful even in the tough times for the sweet gift god has given me in blakely; it's just i want to find a way to bring more peace to our home. though my love has been constant and strong and unconditional, i have struggled over the past 3 years to fully enjoy my kids the way i feel like most moms do. i still feel sadness when i see moms strolling around with their happy little babies at the mall. the times i tried to do this when k and b were babies, i would have to hold a baby in each arm and pelvic thrust the stroller through nordstrom to hurry back to my car so no one called dfacs, since i surely must be hurting or neglecting or starving my kids to make them scream so loud.

but, i digress. i can't live in the past, and i can't know why motherhood hasn't been the bliss i always thought it would be. i can't keep living in guilt that i didn't bond with my babies the moment i held them. i have to stop analyzing whether i didn't hold them enough as babies or if i fed them the wrong foods or gave them bpa filled bottles to make them act that way. they're toddlers now, and i have to deal with them as such. i have more regrets than i can count about not enjoying them enough as babies, but i honestly didn't know how. our pregnancy wasn't planned and i wasn't ready to be a mom and didn't know what to do with 1 happy baby, much less 2 mad ones. but now it's time to move on and not make the same mistake with k and b as toddlers. kennedy is easy to enjoy, but i want to break blakely's will without breaking her unique spirit so we can stop the constant battles in our home. more than that, i want to learn to enjoy even the hard times and listen to what god wants to teach me through this state of refinement called motherhood.

as i was putting blakely to bed tonight, i started out telling her that she's no more sinful than me, and that we need a savior in the same way; not because it sounds good or spiritual, but because everything in me sees the weight of my sin, even in the hypocrisy i display in getting mad at her for rebelling against me the way i rebel against god. i wanted her to go to bed reminded of the gospel and knowing that despite her actions, no amount of disobedience or good works could change my love. that's the way god loves us. his love for me wouldn't have changed today if i would've sinned against him by murdering someone, or propped up my good works by being imprisoned for sharing the gospel in a closed country. at bedtime every night, i sing jesus paid it all and amazing grace to k and b. i intended for those words to minister to b's heart tonight, but instead god used them to minister to mine...

"twas grace that taught my heart to fear" reminded me that the only thing in me that sees god's truths or chooses to obey is the spirit he has given me. at the core of our natural being, we're all blakelys; rebellious and hard and wanting our own way. it's only by god's grace that anything good is in us at all.

"through many dangers, toils, and snares i have already come. 'tis grace that brought me safe this far and grace will lead me home". these words were sweet to me as i remembered the hard days of the last 3 years and the way god in his grace has brought me through them; not just letting me survive, but teaching me lessons i never would have learned if i wouldn't have walked through trying to figure out how to be a mom to a "strong-willed child". it's evident through the growing pains i've felt in parenting the kids i've been given that god knew exactly what he was doing when he knit them together in my womb and gave them to me to mother. the same grace that brought me through the newborn and toddler stages is going to continue to grow me up and give me just what i need to make it through the rest of k and b's life, whether is gets easier or harder.

"when we've been there ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun we'll no less days to sing god's praise than when we first begun." i love my life, and as much as it may sound like i'm complaining, i wouldn't trade any part of it. i love my sweet husband and my precious little girls and my friends and family and the privilege of being a stay at home mom. at the same time, the older i get, the more i realize just how broken our world is. i was made for another, and i'm humbled to go to bed knowing this life is not the end. as defeated as i may feel at times, i can rest tonight in knowing that because of his love, he's preparing a place for me in heaven despite the condemnation to hell my sin deserves.

his grace really is amazing.

Friday, October 23, 2009

night cap

i haven't loved the design of my blog since i started it, so i spent the evening trying to get it right. it's still not perfect, but a little more of what i wanted. i want lighter, more calming colors, and this is obviously not it, but still fun for now. i'll keep playing with it. all that to say, don't be offended if you were on my stalk list and are no longer there. in the process of changing my format, i deleted all of my lists. if you think you're sad to be gone, i've got you beat with having to remember who all i had listed and key it all in. i'll get them all put back up soon, but if the list appears and you're not on it, forgive me and message me so i can add you. night!

good eats

we had (sortof) last minute company last night. i say "sortof" because anyone we invite over after i've been to the grocery store for the week is considered "last minute". there are no quick errands with 2 kids, which means no running in the store to get something last minute. besides, i secretly love the challenge of knowing i need to make dinner with stuff i already have on hand. although we ended up not eating my "challenge" (why next), i came up with something i guess you would call a white bean chicken soup that i'll divide up and freeze for the coming weeks. it should feed our family 2 meals, took 5 minutes to throw everything in the crock pot, and was super inexpensive to make (about $7 for the whole pot). oh, and as always with my kitchen creations, it's low fat and full of fiber and protein. alone it's short on veggies, but pair it with a salad and dinner is ready! here's the breakdown of what all i dumped in the crock pot and what it cost...

3 frozen boneless skinless chicken breasts, no need to thaw {i buy them from the tyson plant and they are 50 cents each}
2 slices of bacon {i buy a pack of bacon when it's on sale buy one get one free, so it ends up being about $2 a pack. i divide it up into 2 or 3 strip servings, wrap them in foil, then put all of my foil packs in a freezer bag and toss in the freezer. if i need a quick $2 meal, i put a bag of dried beans, which i always keep on hand, some water or chicken broth if i've got it, and the frozen bacon in the crock pot, salt and pepper it, and serve it with corn bread. it kind of ends up being like a bean soup. natural detox ;)}
a bag of dried navy beans {$1}
a bag of dried great northern beans {$1}
some minced garlic {really, really cheap. like 10 cents}
salt and pepper
a carton of organic chicken broth {$3}
water. probably 8 cups or so.

if it looks like everything is just kind of floating around in there after a while, stir it up and mush it around and it will eventually take on the look of a chili. i make cornbread muffins out of an organic mix from whole foods (it's their 365 brand), but if you're feeling really tight one month, jiffy is 40 cents.

okay, back to why we didn't eat it. our friend tommy married an italian; not just a girl with an italian name or dark features. actually, quite the opposite. she's a vibrant, energetic, adorable redhead with a thick italian accent who's taking english classes to learn our language. tommy moved to italy on missions after college, met sarah, and they lived there until a year or so ago, when they moved here so she could learn his culture. i love having them over and living vicariously through them as they talk about the slow, simple life of the italians (atleast in their valley). i love hearing about the food, wine, chocolate, and simple days, all staples of their lifestyle (i think i should have been born italian). i connect with sarah even when we can't fully understand each other (italy + dacula = language barrier). she has a neat way of seeing life and is really at a point where god has to be everything to her because she's been stripped of everything familiar. not to mention, i love just watching her mannerisms and the way she and tommy interact and the way she talks really fast in italian and he translates. anyway, a few months ago, sarah made an authentic italian lasagna, and it was truly the best lasagna i've had. so, yesterday before brett knew of my chili creation, he and tommy decided that we would have a lesson in italian cooking. they brought over all of the ingredients and we learned to make the amazing lasagna and these little almond shortbread cookies sandwiched between nutella. i can't remember the italian name, but tommy said it translates to "a dame's kiss". sarah took pictures that she's going to e-mail me, so i'll post them when she sends them.

i'm not sure i can type out an accurate recipe for either, but if you want to join the lanes for dinner, let me know and i'll make them for you.

ciao! (i learned that one too...thought it just meant hey.)



Thursday, October 22, 2009

good medicine

blakely to me: "is daddy your twin?"

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

picture time

we have a family picture session coming up saturday. i know it's pathetic that my kids are 3 and we've only had their picture taken once (when they were 3 months old), but it's because i know my kids. i adore kennedy and blakely and wouldn't trade them for any other kids in the world, but one (her name begins with a b) is the textbook definition of a strong-willed child. brett and i truly believe that if we can steer her in the right direction, focus on her strengths, and give her a lot of grace along the way (and ask god for a lot when we sin during our times of extreme frustration as we're trying to [still, after 3 years] figure out how to parent), she will find a cure for cancer or something crazy one day. the kid is brilliant and she knows what she wants and won't give up 'til she gets it. great for whatever company she becomes president of; a little frustrating for us as her parents. (sweetheart, if you're reading this one day, you know the depths of my love for you. i would lay down and die for you, and nothing you could ever do can change that.)

with that disclaimer, it's hard at times to know how to parent blakely. if you try to get her to do something that's not her idea, it's met with screaming the neighbors can hear through closed doors and a sound machine. we spank, use time out, take away privileges, bribe her. i've read books, sought advice from older moms, been scared by james dobson when he says that 74% of all strong-willed kids rebel as teenagers. we've tried everything. you know it's bad when one of the nursery workers at church asks if you discipline your child and you say "have you seen her butt?", so she asks if you've thought about calling supernanny. all that to say, i'm a little nervous about the pictures. my friend, katie, is doing them (you can check out her blog at she's doing really well-priced mini-sessions this weekend so you can e-mail her and she if she has openings if you're interested), and i've already warned her about our "strong-willed child", but i really hope to get some good pictures out of the session, especially for christmas cards.

k and b had their school pictures monday, so i told them what was going on, and blakely even practiced her picture smile that morning (adorable), but when their teacher brought them out to the carpool line, she broke the news to me that blakely refused to have her picture taken. they tried everything, even putting kennedy in the picture with her, but she still screamed and pitched a fit. after all, she didn't schedule the photographer to come that day, pick out her outfit, or tell the class that it was time to go get their pictures taken and lead them there. when i drove off from her school, i asked her why she wouldn't get her picture made. the answer? "because i didn't want to". of course. i get it now. when i asked kennedy what blakely did, she said she cried and made miss susan hold her. always being defensive of her connected-at-the-hip best friend, she affirmed me "but she didn't mean to cry. she'll do it next time". let's hope next time is this saturday at 10am. and any suggestions for making her do something she doesn't want to do (not just in this instance, but each of the 56 times i ask her to do something throughout each day) is welcomed. i don't cringe at parenting advice anymore the way i did when they were babies. i know it's out of control, and i know i've failed miserably at getting my child to obey me. and in case you're going to mention bribery, i've already thought about that. i would tell them we'll go get ice cream, their favorite, but i can guarantee blakely's response: "well, i don't want ice cream". but isn't it crazy how you love your kids no matter what? as much as they can frustrate the heck out of me, the thought of something happening to either of them makes me want to lay down and die. even after a rough morning with blakely of repeated disobedience, something strange inside of me is ready for her to wake up from her nap so i can see her again. i'm sure i'll bite my tongue for that one come 6 o'clock, but for now i miss the little booger and all of her mischievous ways that make her blakely. she and all of her little quirks have definitely got my heart.

prayers for us on saturday please!

don't rock the socks

i love j crew. i really do. i like the way they create a unique blend of casual and elegant, and i especially like their use of texture and creative color combinations. i'm not doubting their ability to style, but i'm a little confused by all of their models in the november catalog. did anybody notice the granny socks and heels? if you just look at their feet, it looks like they were lounging at home, forgot something in the car, and stuck on the first shoes they saw in their closet to run out and get it. interesting. i think it's a trend that's been in and out over the past couple of years, and i can't knock it because i can't begin to count how many times i said "i would NEVER wear that"... including uggs, which rarely leave my toasty feet in the winter, the skinny jean (when i started seeing them in stores a few years ago i thought it was the worst idea EVER. who WANTS to make her hips look bigger?), leggings, etc. now they're all staples in my closet, so i've learned to never say never. this one would definitely have to grow on me. i'm hoping it's just j crew's attempt at creativity or attention or thinking outside of the box or something, but i guess we'll see.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

freak of nature

i'm totally embarrassed to write this post, but it's too intriguing not to share. so, i was digging around the bottom of my closet early this afternoon when i saw this...

kennedy and blakely are known, like cats, to bring random things into our house from outside, so i tried to pick it up to take it back to it's proper home. no luck. i moved my cowboy boots out of the way, thinking the pile of shoes was holding it in place, and i tugged again. when the thing still didn't budge, i followed it to the end...

and discovered...

the branch is growing INTO our house. i swear we're clean people and maintain our house. we're not the best landscapers in the neighborhood, and we're known to have quite a few weeds growing in our backyard, but a new tree growing in our house? i feel so violated. if i pull it, it's not like the roots can come out because it's stuck between the ground and concrete, so i'm assuming it will just grow back. does this mean there's a hole in my closet? this is the most confusing thing that has happened to our house in the 4 years we've lived here. it's like i want to call pest control, but they might think i'm a little crazy if i called them to kill a weed. any suggestions?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

glory baby

my dear friend, sarah (my little sister in the sorority, and the one i so lovingly to this day call "sister") sent me a sweet card after my miscarriage and reminded me of a song we used to listen to on our many roadtrips and drives around athens. we spent many hours over the course of college bopping around town in her silver 4 runner, listening to this cd while we drank starbucks, ate tcby, and parked illegally (i've talked about college in 25% of my blog so far. i promise i'm not stuck.). it's a watermark song, and i can't remember the name of the cd it's on, but it's green with a star or something on it. anyway, this song obviously meant nothing to me at the time, except i liked the melody, but she quoted a line from it in her note, and i dug it up to let brett listen to on our 12 hour trip to and from st simons last thursday. if you've got a second, try to find it online so you can hear it. i couldn't find a link to it to post, but it's a sweet song if you've ever lost a baby, or know someone who has. here are some of the words:

"glory baby, you slipped away as fast as we could say baby, baby. you were growing. what happened dear? you disappeared on us, baby. heaven will hold you before we do. heaven will keep you safe until we're home with you. but we'll miss you every day, miss you in every way, but we know there's a day when we will hold you. and you'll kiss our tears away when we're home to stay. can't wait for the day when we will see you. but, baby, let sweet jesus hold you 'til mom and dad can hold you. you'll just have heaven before we do. sweet little babies, it's hard to understand it 'cause we're hurting. but there is healing, and i know we're stronger people through the growing and in knowing all things work together for our good, and god works his purposes just like he said he would. i can't imagine heaven's lullabies and what they must sound like. i will rest in knowing heaven is your home and it's all you'll ever know."

being really busy with k and b, i don't think a whole lot about the child we lost. i don't know if that's a good or bad thing, but i haven't really dwelled there. i like the emotion this song brings out in me, and the comfort it gives me in being reminded that heaven is the only place our baby will ever know. it's easy to just let the miscarriage be an "event" in my life, but hearing the words "let sweet jesus hold you 'til mom and dad can hold you" reminds me that we have a little baby that we'll never hold on this earth. it definitely makes me long for heaven even more. can't wait to meet you, little one.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

island time

i didn't give up on blogging already. we spent the past week in st simons, but i didn't tell you (whoever "you" is) because i didn't want to risk a stalker reading this to know we were out of town and find our home address. anyway, we take an annual trip with brett's dad, stepmom, step sister, brother and sister-in-law, and their 2 kids, and that happened last week. the weather was a little crazy, so we really didn't do a whole lot outside. the first few days were perfect, so we were able to take the kids outside throughout the day, and i was able to do my favorite thing there during naptime...break away from everyone else for a little while and walk through the willow lined streets, listening to music other than taylor swift (k and b's current favorite). the middle of the week, the heat picked up, so we headed to the pool or beach early in the day, came inside to eat lunch and take naps around noon, and pretty much stayed inside the rest of the day, going out in the evenings to play on the new playground in the village or get ice cream. kennedy and blakely loved having a week to play with riley, who is only 2 months older. ryan and stacey live in monroe, so we only get to see them once a month or so, but when they're all together, the playing never stops.

the trip was a little broken up by a funeral brett and i came back for. my stepdad's dad, pops, passed away last week and the funeral was thursday. he was a coach at st pius for years and years, so it was held at the football stadium to accomodate the huge crowd, and was a neat celebration of his life and all of the students and players he impacted over the years. we left thursday morning, made it in time for the funeral at 2, then went back to st simons the same day. k and b stayed with brett's family, so brett and i got to spend 12 uninterrupted hours in the car together. here's a picture and an article...

a few pictures to re-cap our trip...

k and b on the beach for family pictures and a picnic


some kids and their dad dug a tunnel through the sand, so blakely stripped down and crawled through it. so typical.

riley and our redneck daughter, topless on the beach.

ansley is obsessed with brett and would chase him every time he left the room.

stacey with riley, kennedy, and blakely (and k wondering why b is making that face).

brett, ansley, and me

k caught red-handed fishing ice out of my water (pun totally intended).

enjoy this (hopefully) rain-free day!

Monday, October 5, 2009

weekend recap

brett and i spent saturday in athens for the georgia game with our sweet friends, dave and pollye...

it was fun and comforting to be back in my favorite town, spending the day with good friends and seeing people i spent 4 (and a half) years of my life with. i love how even after 6 years, you can still see people and feel like you never missed a beat. we spent most of the day tailgate hopping on north campus before heading to the game. pollye and i left at halftime because we were sick of the heat (that plus a fat 0 on the scoreboard wasn't making for a very fun game), and headed to last resort to hang out and watch the game on t.v. at the bar until we could meet up with brett and dave. we were happy to have gotten there early and put our name down for dinner because by the time everyone came from the game, it was a 3 hour wait. even a 3 hour wait would have been worth dinner at my favorite restaurant, but it was nice to be seated as soon as our dates got there.

i love last resort for the food, drinks, dessert, prices, memories; every part of it. it's the place brett took me on our first date sophomore year of college, and the place we went the first night of our engagement weekend senior year. i spent many nights of college there for date nights, girls' nights, birthday celebrations. brett and i go back every couple of months and are never disappointed with our experience there.

thanks, dave and pollye, for a fun day in our favorite place with some of our favorite food and people. (let's just hope the dawgs improve a little in the coming weeks.)

Thursday, October 1, 2009

the greeks got it right

my new favorite breakfast...

it looks disgusting, and my far-from-professional camera doesn't help, but this my friends is a perfectly balanced breakfast. i can't really call it my new favorite because i've been eating different variations of it for about 6 months now, but this morning i added in more flax seed meal, which i really liked. if you've never eaten greek yogurt, it's time to get used to it. i say get used to it because that's probably what you'll have to do, but once you learn to use it in a way that suits your taste buds, there's no looking back. it's the highest protein form of yogurt you can find, and an excellent source of calcium as well. for my yummy a.m. concoction, i mix 6 oz or so of non-fat greek yogurt, a banana for natural sweetness (cut it into really thin slices and whip them to form a sweetens better this way), and whatever other fruits you have on hand. i usually add a cup of chopped strawberries and a chopped peach, and by 8am i've gotten 3 of my 9 servings of fruits and veggies covered. stir in some mealed flax seed (i used about 2 tablespoons this morning), and you've got a perfect balance of healthy fat (almost 4 grams of omega 3 essential fatty acids from the flax), protein (anywhere from 15 to 20 grams from the yogurt depending on the brand, plus 3 grams for 2 T of flaxseed), and fiber (4 grams from the 2 T of flax, plus whatever the fruit you're using contains). it takes some getting used to if you've never had greek yogurt before. you can start by drizzling it with honey, but you'll eventually get used to the fruit's natural sweetness and not need sweetener. i avoid artificial sweeteners as much as possible, but if you're cool with them, that can sweeten it calorie-free. i'm not a vegetarian, but most days i could do without meat, so the yogurt's protein is a great way to fuel my muscles for my workouts. oh, and since i have to have something sweet every afternoon during k and b's nap, i also sometimes make a dessert out of my favorite greek friend by mixing the yogurt with fruit and cool whip. it's even better if you make a big batch of it and put it in a graham cracker crust. now arrowhead mills even makes an organic graham cracker crust that contains organic evaporated cane juice instead of sugar, and organic whole wheat flour in addition to the usual wheat flour. my thanks to the greeks for this lovely creation (unless it's just called greek yogurt for some other reason?).