Wednesday, September 30, 2009

sweet home above

my kids are obsessed with heaven. i'm happy about it and all, but they ask questions that i have NO idea how to answer. by 9:30 this morning, here are just a FEW of their inquiries...

1. will you have a big kitchen in heaven?
2. what does jesus eat?
3. does jesus wear shoes?
4. does he wear man shoes like papa wears?
5. what color are the houses there?
6. will you be my mommy there? (i was pretty impressed by this one because i've never talked to them about us being different there. i have no idea where she {blakely} pulled this from)
7. does jesus sit on the couch and drink wine? (lovely)

speaking of heaven, for those of you who don't know, i spent most of august and part of september pregnant and sick. i would lay on the couch most of the day and when the girls would want to do something or go somewhere, i would say "the baby's making mama sick". i felt like a bad mom, but i literally didn't feel like moving. anyway, they became used to the little guy (since we were convinced it was a boy. we did the ring test and the ring test never lies) taking me away from them, and would ask all day long how i was feeling. i ended up miscarrying on labor day, and brett and i were faced with the task of telling k and b. i told them that i wasn't sick anymore because the baby was no longer in my tummy. of course they asked why, so i proceeded to tell them that god sometimes chooses to take the baby straight from a mommy's tummy to heaven instead of sending him to our house to live with our family. i didn't know if they would remember, but that night after i had put the girls to bed, blakely called me up to her room. when i got there, she said "mama, i want to talk about the baby". every night before i put them to bed, we would talk about the baby in my tummy and how they were going to help me feed him and change his diaper and be sweet big sisters. when she brought it up that night, i was afraid she had forgotten and that i would have to tell her again the baby was gone. instead, she said "is jesus holding the baby? is he being nice to him?". sweet little angel. well, kennedy has been battling a cold all week now, and seeing that it didn't seem to be going away, this morning i finally broke down and gave her tylenol. they both love the taste of it, so to convince me that she needed it too, blakely faked a few pitiful coughs, and said "i need it too. that baby in heaven is making me sick". i'm thinking she might try and get some mileage out of that baby for the next few years.

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