Monday, October 25, 2010

school pictures

i just got a link to kennedy and blakely's school pictures and laughed so hard i cried.  in all of the craziness of last weekend's hospital visit, i totally forgot that last monday was picture day.  i remembered after brett had already gotten them ready and taken them to school, and yes, when daddy dresses them, among all of the little boys' sweater vests and little girls' pretty dresses, my kids definitely have on 2 year old faded gray "life is good" t-shirts.  k and b aren't the most photogenic kids in the world anyway.  i mean, i love them and think they're adorable, but they're cuter in person than in pictures, so they could have atleast used a hairdo and outfit.  i e-mailed their teacher to apologize that their hair looked like a bird had built a nest in it and she said "well, we did brush it a little".  regardless, kennedy's looks like cotton candy blowing in the wind and blakely's doesn't look much better.  not the most flattering pictures they've ever taken, but i kind of want to buy them to remember a funny story.  i wish i could copy and paste them here, but i guess you have to buy the digitals or something.  if this link works, you can check them out here (blakely) and here (kennedy).

Monday, October 18, 2010


we have been beyond blessed during this time to have an outpouring of offers to help.  receiving is beyond awkward for brett and i both, but we're kind of at one of those places where we don't have a choice, so we couldn't be more grateful.  it makes me feel a little dramatic because it's not like i'm sick or anything, so it's humbling to sit on a couch and watch other people do things that you should be doing yourself.  my sweet husband hasn't sat down since saturday.  it's a tough job to run a household and own a business.  i have no idea how single or working moms do it all! 

brett's brother and his wife took kennedy and blakely to a fall festival saturday night and they had fun with riley and ansley...

brett's mom spent her weekend doing all of our laundry (and it was no small add to the chaos, our dryer has been broken for a week and we've been waiting on a new motor to come in for it, so a week of backed up laundry for a family of 4 is a bit ridiculous) and making us dinner and other treats.

my dad is taking k and b tomorrow, my mom is coming thursday to spend the day with us, and several friends are coming throughout the week to visit and have their kids play with k and b.  my kids aren't kids who will play while i'm sitting on the couch.  if i'm sitting, they want to be sitting right on top of me, which means i get to watch mickey mouse clubhouse because i don't trust much else on TV for my kids to see (and i feel guilty that they're sedentary for 6 hours straight).  we've had a million calls and e-mails from friends and other family offering to help, that i'm sure we'll be taking them up on soon, and we really do feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who love us.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

baby update

well, i'm going to have a lot of time on my hands to blog, so i can start with an update as to why!  brett and i spent last night at northside because i was having contractions every 3 minutes, and the doctor determined that i had started pre-term labor.  everything is fine and i got to go home early this afternoon, but my cervix is starting to thin, and i have to take medicine every 6 hours to stop the contractions, and i'm on strict bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy...lovely with 2 kids (actually, lovely in's so depressing!).  the good news is i'm 33 weeks tomorrow, so they really just want me to make it to 36 weeks, which means i'm really only looking at 3 weeks of this.  still, i'm nervous about her coming early because a.) she was measuring a week behind already, so i know she's not developed enough (enough to survive, but there is obviously risk of other complications if she comes soon), b.) i'm not ready for a baby (not that i would be in 2 months either, but i thought i had some more time to mentally prepare!), and c.) we still have a ton to do...she doesn't have a nursery, clothes, bottles, anything, and we haven't finished all of our "before baby" projects.  it's a little weird to go from life being normal and thinking we had almost 2 months left to realizing my hands are tied for the rest of the pregnancy and that we could have a baby any day now....a huge test for my need for control.  i'm probably being a little dramatic right now, but i thought this pregnancy was going to be different...apparently my body didn't get the memo that babies take 40 weeks to make!  i asked the nurse why i can't seem to carry to term and she said that the baby may just not have any room left (i'm 5'4" and 5 feet of that is legs, so it's true that i have no torso space, but i fit 2 in there before)!  we're really not sure what's going on, but please pray that she can hang on a little longer and develop fully!  we so want this time around to be different, with a full term baby and no time in the NICU.  i'll update when i know more.  have a good rest of the weekend!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

field trip

well, i didn't have jury yesterday, so got to tag along with k and b on their first field trip (i've been asked a lot since my last post why it was a wednesday...i guess fulton county does it a day at a time instead of a week?  not sure, but the recording on the phone said since i was on standby and didn't have to report "my service has been completed" so i'll take it).  we journeyed to a farm in gainesville that had pumpkins and goats and christmas trees.  some pictures from the adventure...

getting ready to go:

blakely asking kennedy why she smiles this way for pictures:

we don't know how to break it to her that it's a little fake because she thinks it's so beautiful:

with their friend kendall:

learning about magnolia trees and what they need to grow:

planting the tree:

blakely taking it all in:

kennedy getting ready for her turn to dig:

with their friend jane.  she was their stand-in triplet for the day:

class picture.  they were saying "hayride":

k and b and jane thought that was hilarious:

feeding goats:

getting ready for the hayride:

pretty scenery on the hayride:

feeding fish:

happy fall!