Monday, October 18, 2010


we have been beyond blessed during this time to have an outpouring of offers to help.  receiving is beyond awkward for brett and i both, but we're kind of at one of those places where we don't have a choice, so we couldn't be more grateful.  it makes me feel a little dramatic because it's not like i'm sick or anything, so it's humbling to sit on a couch and watch other people do things that you should be doing yourself.  my sweet husband hasn't sat down since saturday.  it's a tough job to run a household and own a business.  i have no idea how single or working moms do it all! 

brett's brother and his wife took kennedy and blakely to a fall festival saturday night and they had fun with riley and ansley...

brett's mom spent her weekend doing all of our laundry (and it was no small add to the chaos, our dryer has been broken for a week and we've been waiting on a new motor to come in for it, so a week of backed up laundry for a family of 4 is a bit ridiculous) and making us dinner and other treats.

my dad is taking k and b tomorrow, my mom is coming thursday to spend the day with us, and several friends are coming throughout the week to visit and have their kids play with k and b.  my kids aren't kids who will play while i'm sitting on the couch.  if i'm sitting, they want to be sitting right on top of me, which means i get to watch mickey mouse clubhouse because i don't trust much else on TV for my kids to see (and i feel guilty that they're sedentary for 6 hours straight).  we've had a million calls and e-mails from friends and other family offering to help, that i'm sure we'll be taking them up on soon, and we really do feel so blessed to be surrounded by people who love us.

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