Tuesday, November 10, 2009

weekend recap

this weekend was a much needed one for brett and i. we try to have a date night once a week to re-connect apart from our kids, but lately we haven't spent as much time together as our marriage needs. in an effort to crack down on some of the discipline problems we've encountered, we haven't wanted to leave k and b much for fear that they would fall back into some of their old habits. they've been in boot camp. it's been pretty effective, but it's hard to know how to find a balance between parenting our kids effectively and making sure we pour enough time and energy into our marriage. kennedy and blakely have been different kids for almost 2 weeks now. i really don't even know what we're doing that different, but whatever it is, we need to keep it up. i want to figure out a way to be what k and b need, but be what brett needs at the same time. always a balancing act...

anyway, brett was in a wedding of one of our friends from college friday night, so between the rehearsal dinner thursday night and the wedding friday night, we got some much-needed time together. we were surrounded by people both evenings, but it was fun to enjoy a couple of nights out with friends, and to have saturday to spend time with just brett. my aunt and uncle kept k and b, so it was good to know they were having fun and not missing us too much ("not too much" as in they didn't want to come home and begged to stay 3 nights). i love to be alone with brett and laugh and have good conversations that have nothing to do with our kids. i love being married to my best friend and i love that every time i'm with him i realize new ways he's perfect for me. not to mention, i'm pretty sure he's the only guy that would put up with me for 6 years. i've had some pretty psycho mood swings with these crazy kids of mine ;) i had some cute pictures i was going to post from the weekend, but i can't pull them up for some reason. if i figure it out, i'll post them later. good night!

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