Thursday, June 17, 2010

k and b birthday

a long overdue update of kennedy and blakely's birthday...

the day started a little rough. about 2am the morning of their birthday, i heard blakely crying upstairs. they rarely wake up in the middle of the night anymore, so even though in my phenergan induced zombie-like state i wanted to ignore it and let her cry herself back to sleep, i figured something must not be right. i went up to her room, and she was sitting up in bed confused about what had just happened to her. "i coughed and spit" she said. "i coughed and spit". the room was dark and i didn't want to disturb kennedy, so i took her downstairs and asked her to tell me what was going on. "i, i coughed, then i, i burped, then...i spit it all". yep, she puked. poor little thing hadn't done that since she was a baby spitting up and had no idea what had just happened to her. she apparently caught the stomach bug going around, and spent the rest of the night in our bed throwing up every 30 minutes. she did good giving me ample time to grab the trash can each time so miraculously there were no sheet changes other than the one on her bed, but it definitely made for no sleep and a pitiful little girl. she cried so hard each time and said "i don't like it" over and over again, but luckily stopped around 6 and she and i slept until 9 while brett got up with kennedy. when we were finally able to roll out of bed, we took them to a new little breakfast place in alpharetta called the red hen. we had gotten a groupon for it awhile back and decided it would be a good morning for it. we then let them go pick out a special birthday surprise, and they both wanted a princess nightgown...the same one of course, and instead of staying out and doing more fun things, they wanted to go back home so they could put it on and priss around the house in it...but decided for fun they wanted to mop?!

after naps, we took them for their first manicure. they are both nail biters, and we told them a few weeks ago if they would stop biting their nails, we would take them to a real place like mommy goes to get their nails painted. if you have a problem with nail biting, thumb sucking, anything, we've found a magic cure. not bribery, but mavala. we got it from our dentist friend, and it worked in a day. it's reeeaaaallllly bitter, and one lick does the trick. they both cried when it got in their mouth, and we felt like child abusers, but it really just took a day of it and the nail biting was cured. anyway, they picked out the same bright pink, and sat still while the lady painted their nails, but gave her dirty looks when she asked them questions. not the friendliest kids. we ended the day with dinner at jason's deli. we tried to let them pick, but of course they picked different places...blakely chick-fil-a and kennedy mcdonalds, so we compromised with jason's "jelly" (i.e. the sick pregnant mom picked the only thing i thought i might be able to eat). i think we're going to have to start celebrating their birthdays on different days or i guess we'll always run into this problem. the hard life of being a twin and having to share your birthday with someone else ;) the day ended with brett making them cupcakes (4 each because they're 4...and they licked the icing off every single one), and princess "gobbles". does anyone else buy their kids gifts from dollar tree? they don't know any better and they get plenty of real stuff from grandparents ;)

the next day was the dreaded well check with our pediatrician. for anyone without a 4 year old, this visit is horrible. "4 at 4" refers to the number of shots these poor kids get. this is the first year k and b have been reluctant to go to the doctor. thankfully they are healthy little girls, and we've only been to the doctor for sick visits twice since they were 2, but for some reason they were not excited to go. before we left, kennedy asked me if they were going to put nails in her like they did jesus, and i really didn't know what to tell her because i'm guessing she was referring to shots. on the way, they concocted a plan that they were going to give the doctor a mean look, then growl at her, then throw her stuff away. scary. the visit was fine and they did great until shot time. k went first and a nurse got on each side of her to give her a shot in each leg at the same time, then the other. we made the mistake of keeping blakely in the room, and the only thing worse than her fear of being hurt is seeing someone hurt her sister, so when kennedy started crying, she fell apart. she tried to jump out of my arms and run away, which made holding her down when it was her turn even harder. there is no worse feeling than having to hold your baby down so she can be hurt (and not understand that it's for her good). so glad that's over.

a few days later was their birthday party with family. they said for days after how much they loved their party. they love all of their grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins, food, cake, attention, and GIFTS, so it was their perfect day. a few pictures from the day...

brett's brother smoked a few pork butts and we had traditional barbeque fare

party favors

my attempt to get a picture of them together. this is seriously what they BOTH did when i told them to look at me and smile.

our family (including #3, who makes sure everyone sees him)

hilarious attempts at smiling

outfit change gowns from papa and grammy (and my dad reminding me that they would be wearing real ones before i knew it). and i'm well aware their hair looks so was my attempt at trying to do something with it.

had to strip down and try on everything they opened

another change

and another

cakes made by mimi

long day

anyway, that's a short (but long) re-cap of k and b turning the big 4. still can't believe they're that old. and in other news, i'm still nauseous around the clock, but not as tired anymore, so pregnant life is getting a little better. i have an appointment next week, but i think it's just to hear the heartbeat. and one prayer request...brett's stepdad's cancer is back and he had surgery this week, so please pray for healing for him if you think about it. have a good rest of the week and weekend!


  1. I love this post! How cute are they and how cute is your belly! I am guessing you found out it was a boy! Yaaaay! I am so happy for yall. I can't wait to see you soon - I hope! And I am glad you are feeling a little better.

  2. Nicole, K & B are soooo precious! I remember when you told me you were did all that time fly by?? They are so blessed to have you and Brett as parents, and you look sooo fabulous by the way, I am in love with your belly! We are such dollar tree gift givers. It's my Brett's favorite for Harrison! I love following your beautiful fam. Hope we can see y'all again sometime.

  3. Cute post! I am glad the girls had a good weekend. Your story about Blakely getting sick reminded me of one my mom tells about me when I was 2. I had never thrown up that I could remember and I was sitting in my carseat in the back of the car when I suddenly got sick. She says I looked up at her with these big, sad eyes and said, "Mama, what me do?" because I had no idea what throwing up was. That has got to be so scary as a kid! I am glad the girls had a good birthday despite the stomach bug. Hope you are doing well. I am hopefully going to make my way to Georgia again in the fall...maybe I will get to meet your new little one!

  4. Nicole, you look beautiful. Congratulations to K and B! Praying for Brett's Dad. Take care.


  5. i love this post & the precious pictures!
    'mopping for fun' is hilarious... girls after my own heart (i sure hope ep likes to mop for fun) :)