Monday, June 7, 2010

summer fun

my friend/4th cousin/i can't keep up because i'm related to everybody from dacula in some way (crystal, is the lineage right?) has a blog where she posts good deals she finds, and recently listed cheap summer activities here. it is a huge, almost never-ending (in a good way) list of things to do in the atlanta area. i know this has been circulating via e-mail, but i thought i would link to her post in case you haven't gotten it. i'm always looking for things to do with k and b and as a family, especially since we'll have 3 extra days with no school and no church activities during the week, so i was so, so happy to have some ideas! this will definitely be my go-to guide for long summer days! also, i've got some pictures to post of k and b's birthday, but i still have to put them on my computer, so i'll get them up as soon as i get around to it. happy monday!

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