Monday, August 16, 2010

10 random happenings

1. nevermind on the clock idea from my last post. it didn't work very well. shortly after we tried out our new plan, i slept one morning until 8:30, which NEVER happens. if i don't set an alarm to get up and have some alone time before k and b get up, they're my alarm clocks, so i usually see early mornings. i felt bad that they had probably been awake for 2 hours so i jumped out of bed and called upstairs for them to come down. they asked me why morning took so long to get here and i told them that they could have gotten up an hour ago, but missed 7:30. "well mom," blakely said. "when mommies and daddies put clocks in their little kids' rooms, their little kids don't know how to read them." oh, i see. thanks for the parenting tip, b. guess we'll try that again in another year or 2.

2. we have more house projects going on than we know what to do with. i think i can most definitely say i'm officially nesting. we are in the process of:

- re-doing our backyard (which i think we can safely say is on hold right now. we started the project, then found out we were pregnant, so it's on hold for the sake of the inside for now. i'll post pictures of its hideousness later).

- wallpapering our half bath. i'll post pictures when we're done.

- doing the nursery (the ideas are all in place thanks to my very talented friend kelly, who also deserves props for designing our half bath and k and b's we've just got to buy all of the stuff, paint, hang new light fixtures, and get everything in place.)

- re-doing kennedy and blakely's room. you might remember that this (along with wallpapering the half bath and re-doing our backyard) was on my new years' list. we still haven't done anything to it, and we don't want to do the nursery before their room and them wonder why this new baby who is invading their life gets a prettier room than they do. so now we have to paint their walls, re-finish their beds and nightstand, hang a new light fixture, and get everything up on the walls BEFORE we do all of the above mentioned work on the nursery.

3. did i mention we have approximately 14 more saturdays before our baby is here and all of the above projects (with the exception of the back yard) have to be done?! and many of those will involve georgia football so we won't want to be working? and we're not rich so we need to get creative to fit it all in the budget? ahhhhh!

4. i have started christmas shopping. our goal is to have all of our gifts bought and wrapped by november. we will probably have a scheduled c-section mid- to late-november, so if it's not done by then, chances are someone else will have to play santa this year.

5. i'm 24 weeks pregnant and starting to freak out about pre-eclampsia again. i'm not having any signs, but i know my chances of developing it again are higher since i had it last pregnancy, so i'm stuffing my face with protein every chance i get. and it's miserable. i hate eating when i'm pregnant, and could most definitely live off of fruit. i feel full all of the time already, so eating is only out of necessity right now. i wish it could be that way all of the time. why is it when i'm supposed to gain weight i hate to eat, but when it's time to lose the baby weight i'll have to work out 2 hours a day to off-set my love relationship with food?

6. we had family pictures taken again this weekend, and blakely proved her decision to be good starting when she was 4. she was an angel and posed for every picture. k was a bit of a pill, but you know one has to be off.

7. brett and i will celebrate 7 years of marriage this coming sunday.

8. k and b start school in a few weeks, and i think i'm ready. i had fun with them this summer and didn't think i would be, but i think summer's been long enough.

9. school aside, i'm just SOOOOOOO ready for summer to be over!!! i've been going through the starbucks drive-thru and ordering hot chocolate so i could pretend like it's fall. the first few sips make me happy every time and take my mind on a little retreat to the mountains. i can't wait for the weather change and football and comfort food and pumpkins and pretty leaves.

10. kennedy and blakely started gymnastics. i'll post pictures when i upload them. they're obsessed with learning it all and i'm obsessed with watching them. call it sad if you want to, but it's the highlight of my week.

hopefully i'll get some pictures posted of all of our random happenings soon!


  1. You do have a lot going that the girls are in gymnastics! I would probably be the mom that is "too" involved if I started with Kaitlin. Oh well, self awareness is good. I just saw a clock in a magazine that has a nighttime display and a daytime display that comes on for the time you set it on, so the kids know when to get up and they don't have to be able to tell time. I'll try to find the right magazine if you're interested. Can't wait to see the bedroom reveals:)Jenn Ferguson

  2. I'm totally going to recommend this "ok to wake" clock. It glows green when its "ok to wake" so kids know and dont "miss morning". How cute!

  3. Love your's nice to hear how things are going in Georgia. You do have lots going on...but you will get it all down...somehow it all works out! Can't wait to see pics of the nursery and b and k's room. I love design...of course you couldn't tell from my house right now!

  4. 1. The clock- hilarious, Blakely!!! =) What about setting the alarm for like 7:45. That way if they miss it, they can hear when it has passed.
    6. Can't wait to see the family pics! So glad B behaved!! =)
    7. Congrats!!!
    10. I always wanted to take gymnastics when I was little.