Wednesday, September 15, 2010

to brettlee

once upon a time, you were a georgia frat boy and i liked your old school royal blue new balances and jacked up tahoe.

i liked the surface, but wasn't easily charmed by your type.

we met, and something in me was drawn to you beyond normal outward attraction.

you dug into the depths of my heart and showed me what was there. you fought through the confusion, anger, and messiness even when i pushed you away and tried to make you run.

i knew you were unlike any other guy i'd ever met.

eight years ago today you asked me to be your wife, and a little over seven years ago we entered into an amazing (and difficult) covenant.

marriage is hard. it hasn't been all bliss by any means, and some days have been harder than others (remember that time we had twins and they cried for a year?).

but all these years later, you continue to wade through the muck of my heart. you've truly loved me in a redeeming way, and i can say without a doubt that it's been the best years of my life.


  1. Yah! you are back. i could not see your blog for awhile and i missed it. that post made me drop crocodile tears. happy annniversary! i know brett knows how priviledged he is that your heart is his.

  2. awww... i love it (and you and brett)!
    happy engagement anniversary!

  3. Sweetest. Post. Ever. :-)
    As your friend (since, like, kindergarten...) i'm going to say that i think he's pretty blessed as well. You're no chopped liver, missy!

  4. Oh goodnesss.....Your blog always makes me cry in a good way. I love you two - and soon to be you 5!

  5. that was awesome. excited to get to know your lil' family better!

  6. So sweet. =) I remember when we DHS girls were shocked you let him stick around past 2 months! =)