Monday, September 27, 2010

weekend re-cap

not much excitement around our house this weekend, but that's become the way i like it.  i used to feel like a loser when we didn't have plans, but the more i've accepted the fact that i'm a homebody at heart, the more i delight in a weekend with nothing to do.  it was so uneventful that i can't remember what we did friday night, but i know it involved k and b in bed at 7 and me in bed at 9.  saturday night one of our couple friends came over for a (bad) night of football.  the little cheerleaders involved brought us no luck...

and sunday was my favorite kind of day of all...the kind where you realize there's nothing more fun in the world than living with your 3 favorite people and spending the day hanging out and enjoying each other.  we turned our living room into a giant pallet, ate junk for dinner, and rented "alice and the chickmunks".  we were trying to find a movie that was kid-friendly but that brett and i wouldn't be miserable watching, and this seemed to fit the bill.  brett seemed a little more entertained by it than i was (and maybe than k and b were), but i had so much fun watching kennedy and blakely that they were entertainment enough.  they LOVE family time, and i soak it up because i know there will come a day they think we're dorks, and i love that it's their favorite thing in the world right now.  kennedy would laugh so big at things that weren't even funny just because she was so happy to be having a "slumber party", and blakely kept rolling over and hugging me as tight as she could, saying "you love me five thousand and twenty one (the biggest number she could think of).  you love me long as the cottage (how long it takes us to get to st. simons...her version of eternity)".  such sweet little girls.  of course the movie had a lot of singing and dancing, so this tapped into their love of the stage and we ended the night with all of the lights off and the flashlight out so they could have a spotlight on them as they performed for brett and i.  and one little side note...i realized they may be embarrassed by this baby in my belly and i had no idea.  at one point, blakely stopped the performance to say "ladies and gentlemen, my mommy only has a big tummy 'cause it has a baby in it".  random.


  1. this is hilarious!

    did you notice that the "G" on ep's top is the same size as her head (hint: 18 month old wearing a 4T) nice. love y'all!

  2. LOL! It was such a sweet, family post, thickly sweet with love. And then the last couple lines. So funny!

  3. so funny!

    your family/prego pics are beautiful!!!!!! Hope your bp is doing great this time! Thanks for keeping up with our sweet ellie and praying for her, she's is a joy to us all!

  4. Glad you had such a great Sunday!! We also just spent the day at home doing nothing and it was GREAT!!! Sometimes it is so nice to just spend time with each other. :)