Thursday, December 16, 2010


late reporting, but we have a brand new addition to the family...

brecken emmaline lane was born december 2nd at 10:33 am.  she weighed 6 lbs 6 ozs and was 19 1/4 inches long.  i miraculously made it to my scheduled c-section, and was 39 weeks, 4 days.  she was (and still is) a little peanut to be full-term, but is perfectly healthy.  she actually seems huge to us because she's the biggest baby we've ever had...twice as big as blakely was.

kennedy and blakely LOVE their new baby sister, but we've tried to keep them away for the most part.  we keep her in our bedroom most of the time since she sleeps so much anyway.  we want to get through her first month and get a little weight on her before we let the germs k and b bring home from preschool come on full-force.  we know we can't hide her forever, but with newborns being susceptible to rsv, we're trying to hold off for a few weeks.  it makes me sad because they both keeping making comments that "they're not big sisters" because they're not getting to hold her and change her diaper and feed her like they thought.  in time...
life with 3 is crazy busy for now, but we sure love our 3 little girls.


  1. Kennedy and Blakely look so happy and Brecken is beautiful! Brett is surrounded by 4 gorgeous girls (you included!!) Congrats again!

  2. Nicole-she is just beautiful! I would love to get up there to see yall and bring a present and food- I will be in touch about that. Congratulations- enjoy it all!

  3. if that baby goes missing, I'd start looking in suburbs that begin with S and end in A. Just sayin'...

  4. precious! claren has had 3 colds if it brings you any comfort =)

  5. she's beautiful! loved her name as well!

  6. Awww, how sweet!
    I had a cold when Ben was born and couldn't be around him much. After a while, I asked my mom, "When can I kiss him on the lips?" She had forgotten to tell me I was all clear. =)