Monday, February 7, 2011

we're alive

well, i don't really know how to blog anymore (or maybe even write).  if anyone cares, our blog is not dead, and i don't have intentions of giving it up forever...just no time recently.  i've got a good 8 weeks to catch up on, and i don't remember a whole lot of it, but it hasn't been roses.  in a nutshell, kennedy and blakely had the flu so brecken and i had to leave home so she wouldn't get it and be put in the hospital, brett had the stomach flu, brecken was dropped and it fractured her skull, she screamed bloody murder for a few weeks before we realized she was allergic to me (i.e. milk) and had reflux, and we got snowed in for 3 years.  yes, there are many details to this list of why the first 6 weeks of brecken's life were rough, and many emotions that have gone along with these details, but i'll spare them.  i can be wordy anyway, and oftentimes my blog has turned into the debbie downer of the blog world, so we'll say we adore our new baby, but don't miss the first few weeks of her life.  fast forward to now...

one good thing about being through the ringer is it makes you appreciate when things are good.  so, atleast for now, things really are good.  brecken is 9 weeks old and she is at the precious stage of smiling and trying to talk and sleeping through the night a few nights a week (and she's more precious on those days ;)).  i love her, but she's not the best baby i've ever been around.  mine and brett's genes create some screamers (and none of them have hair).  just some random thoughts to catch you up on our life...

- her name: everyone wants to know your baby's name, and when i tell them, they always say "what?  brackett?  bricken?".  no.  brecken.  as in breckenridge.  colorado.  "was she conceived there?".  good grief.  so the story of her name.  there's not really a good one, and there's not great significance to it.  it was really brett's pick because i decided when i was pregnant that i was done having kids and that he wasn't going to get his boy after all, so he could atleast pick the name (and no, we're not committed to that decision, but you have to tell yourself that when you're pregnant).  he loves skiing, and breckenridge was the first place he skiied, so he mentioned the name after seeing it again on a neighborhood sign.  when i was a rho chi, there was a girl coming through rush named breckyn (and i'm sure someone out there will read this and know her, so you can tell her a random girl out there saw her name tag and named her kid after her).  i saw her and thought she was beautiful and saw her name and thought it was cute.  i never even met her but remembered that, so when brett mentioned the name, i agreed.  i wanted to name her emmaline, so that became the middle name.  k and b call her "breck-a-boo".

- speaking of k and b, they are the sweetest big sisters in the world.  they ADORE their new baby...never a minute of jealousy or wishing it was still just the 4 of us.  they live to hold her and help feed her and "pet" her.
- and speaking of names, i think brett and i may should have looked up the meaning of names before we named our kids.  we looked them up recently, and look at their lovely meanings...
blakely: dark meadow or pale meadow (fine, but weird)
kennedy: helmet head
brecken: freckled
by the way, they all 3 show up under boy names.

- christmas: i still haven't posted a christmas update or pictures, which means it will probably never happen.  it was not a good christmas, and that's blasphemous to say if in my heart i had celebrated what christmas was really meant to celebrate.  i most definitely did not spend it celebrating a baby who was born to bring us peace and joy.  the decorations and gifts and songs and food did not bring me life as i wished them to.  why was i surprised?  we still took pictures to look like we were one of those happy little families in matching pajamas by the sparkling fire looking down lovingly at our new baby sister (whose neck was breaking)...

-i still look a little pregnant.  blakely asked me yesterday when my tummy was going to stop being big.  i tried to go shopping today to find stuff to hide it, but brecken hates her car seat, so i had to carry her around the store.  i tried to hold a shirt up to me to see how long it was, but i hit her in the head with the wooden hanger and she screamed, so i gave up and left and decided it went away with twins so surely it would go away with one.

- my rear view mirror has a new view and i love it so much.  i hate the sounds back there because brecken screams and k and b complain about her screaming, but i know "this too shall pass", so i'm trying to soak up the views because i know it won't be this way forever...

- these 2 still adore each other and still don't know the meaning of personal space.  i still look at them almost daily and wonder how the heck i got so lucky.  i'm already worried about brecken not having a twin because i've never seen a sweeter relationship...

- brett turned 30 and caught up to me.  k and b made him cupcakes.  i let them make them anyway they wanted to and this is how they filled the pan.  they were huge!

hope my long-lost blog friends are doing well!


  1. love you and praying for yall!!

  2. Nicole!
    It's been SOOO long since we've talked, but i just saw the link to your blog on your FB status and stopped by.
    What PRECIOUS girls the Lord has given yall! Oh my goodness--twins! they are ADORABLE! and your newest little sweetie?!

    i laughed out loud at your candidness in writing, and appreciate how transparent you are--we can all relate.

    i'll def. have to keep up with you now!

    blessings to you!

  3. i thought it indicated that this is stephanie lyon--sorry!

  4. Again, I appreciate and commend you on your honesty and realness. I am so glad we got an update on yur life...some of us live vicariously thru you..even the hectic crazy times! Hang in there ;)

  5. Friend! I'm so glad you're back (sporadically as it may be) in the blog world! I'm so sorry the start to Brecken's little life has been a rough one. Luckily, while the days seem long, the months of a newborn fly by, dont they!? :-) I hate that the nursing didnt work for you... i've told you my struggles there, but plan to try again with Mckinnon. Here's to hoping it works! :-(

    And omg, did you about die w/ the dropping of little Brecken? Just goes to show how resilient babies really are!

    I'm excited for y'all. Thank you for sharing! I'll be praying for things to lighten up around your house so you can really just enjoy each other without so much stuff going on! Everybody deserves a break now and again and i swear, i think you've earned one if anyone has!

    Much love to you, friend!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. {minus brecken's fractured skull!! and the flu and stomach virus}
    you always make my day. one day....we're just gonna show up and force y'all to hang out with us. i'm sure the estrogen overload will be DELIGHTFUL!

  7. You are getting so much FUNNIER with age. I have so many comments I wanted to leave... just know that I love your honest sarcasm.
    I hope today is a good day. =)