Monday, February 21, 2011

how we...

...entertain our baby:

...celebrate the 80's:

(note: i did NOT pick this outfit out, and my kids have no idea what the 80's or it's style entails, but they emerged from the closet with this on today and it seems they would fit in nicely)

...clean our floors:

(note: i do NOT make my kids clean my house. they like to play cinderella, and it works out great for all involved. i give them some safe cleaner and a rag and they go to town)


  1. 1st off- OMG, Brecken is beautiful.
    2ndly, K and B's outfits take me back to middle school :-) hilarious!
    Lastly, I wonder if i can talk Rhyan into mopping in a few year? That junk is FABULOUS!

  2. I Love every thing about this post!!

  3. Poor Brecken... she's in for a ride. =)
    And I love the pics... nice. Cinderella. =)

  4. Ok I thought K and B were about to passout from "entertaining" Brecken! :) Hilarious!!! So glad that you have 2 built in entertainers.
    And BTW Brecken is beautiful. She has grown so much since I saw her.