Thursday, March 10, 2011

corte de pelo

most people make this announcement when their kids are about one, but we don't do things by the book around here.  kennedy and blakely got their first haircut!!!  yes, they will be 5 in 3 months, but if you just started keeping up with our family, they were shiny bald when they were 1, then had about 3 hairs when they were 2, so we are very excited that this day has come.  we took them to a really cute place called sweet & sassy and they loved it!

what does a girl who loves hair do when her kids take 5 years to get it?  take 95 pictures (literally)!  here are a few...

(see the paparazzi in the mirror?)

and not to leave the little one out...brecken was asleep so we sat her in a corner for most of our time there, but we looked over and discovered that she had woken up and pushed her snuggle thing off of her and was peeking out.  i guess she didn't want to miss the action...


  1. I think MA is following in their footsteps. Love all the pics. They are beautiful and Brecken is precious all bundled up!

  2. I Love this! I wish we were just beginning to get hair cuts!!!

  3. Love your family! So beautiful!! Can't wait to see you!

  4. So glad the girls finally got to get a haircut!! Looks like you took them to a very fun place. :)

  5. Love the pics! =) Where is the "after" pic of the 2 of them?