Wednesday, February 17, 2010

poor kid

we had an eventful week last week with kennedy's accident-proneness, and she now has a gash on her head to match the missing tooth. i thought it was a little weird that we've had kids for 3 1/2 years, and haven't made a trip to the ER, but now we've officially joined the ranks.

k + b are really into the sound of music. they watch parts of it almost every day, and they've put together a re-enactment of "the cuck-koo song" as they call it (the "so long, farewell" one...don't know what it's called), where all of the kids are standing on the stairs (if you've ever seen the movie). they've been using the fireplace as their stage, where one stands on the stage and one on the floor so they can look like the kids in the movie. brett's aunt was at our house and it was bedtime, so they were going to do one last performance for us. kennedy was so excited to show off her mad acting skills and ran as fast as she could to the fireplace, tripped on the rug, dove headfirst into the corner of the fireplace, and the blood started gushing. thankfully aunt gaye is a nurse and knew how to clean it up and check for a concussion and everything. i'm not a panicker, but i've always heard that it's a good sign if a goose egg pops up, and k's whole forehead was dented in, so i freaked out a little (or a lot and demanded that we jump in the car right away and head to the hospital). not to mention, brett had to take care of k because blakely was screaming the loudest of anyone. as soon as she saw the blood, she screamed and ran upstairs; i guess she didn't know what else to do. she came back down to find me and asked me to hold her and she started crying and said "but i really loved kennedy". i guess the poor thing thought her twin was gonna die right in front of her. i started crying at both the fear of k being hurt and the sweetness of how much k + b love each other, and b just kept saying "it's ok mommy, i'll take care of you" over and over. she acts like such a little cool cat most of the time, but when it comes down to it, she really has the sweetest little heart and is loyal as they come. once we got to the hospital, k + b couldn't get enough of each other. they laid in the hospital bed together, and b fed k water out of her sippy cup and kissed all over her. i think she was just so happy she was ok that she couldn't love on her enough. after a thorough exam and some liquid stitches, we were out the door and off to the original plan of bedtime.

so that's our first ER story. besides a scare and a scar, nothing traumatic came out of it; thank the lord. it actually ended up being a sweet night of reminding us how very blessed we are to have 2 sweet little girls who adore each other more than anything in the world.


  1. oh no!! poor thing! just the thought of blood and kids getting injured freaks me out. no telling what i will do when i have one of my own...i will just pray comer is around 24/7!! hope she is feeling better

  2. awwww... i'm glad blakely is so precious!! =) and kennedy sounds like a trooper!