Wednesday, February 3, 2010


if you've had problems in the past telling k and b apart, we've got a solution: kennedy lost her tooth yesterday! it's a little sad because she won't get another one for probably another 4 years, but cute nonetheless. she already had a lisp, so now it's even worse and i love it! we were in st simons a year and a half ago when she fell on her face on concrete and broke the tooth in half. one of our family's good friends is a pediatric dentist (and a really good one if you live in the alpharetta/johns creek area and need a dentist for your kids), so he put a crown on it to try and save it, but the damage had already been done and it abscessed so he decided it was best if he remove it all together. it made her first few trips to the dentist pretty traumatic, but it helped that she knows danny and he was great making her comfortable. she's still getting used to it and timid when she eats, but if you know k, that won't last for long. here's her toothless grin...

pretty sweet.

on their favorite cartoon, super why, wyatt lost his tooth this week too and the tooth fairy paid him a visit. i thought it was perfect timing and would make her trip to the dentist easier, so we talked about the tooth fairy and how we would leave the tooth under her pillow (along with a note saying blakely was sweet while kennedy was at the dentist and needed a treat too :)) and she would have a gift when she woke up. she was soooo excited all day and rushed to bed with her tooth in a little pink box, but when brett and i went up to put them to bed, the tooth fairy's visit was given the same reaction as santa's. they were scared to death and decided they didn't want that lady coming in their room while they slept. daddy came to the rescue, stepped out of the room to make a quick phone call to his brother to explain the situation, then called the tooth fairy (aka our sister-in-law) with k and b to ask her to leave the gifts in mommy and daddy's room for us to give them. this sufficed for a little while, then they decided they didn't even want her in our house, so we had to call the tooth fairy back and ask her to leave it in our mailbox for us to get in the morning (and lock all the doors really tight). the thought of her visiting our neighborhood in the middle of the night didn't cut it either, so kennedy decided she wouldn't open her eyes because she might see her and blakely decided she wouldn't lay down so she tried to sleep sitting on the edge of her bed. needless to say, we checked the mailbox at 8:30 last night to find the tooth fairy had already come so they didn't have to worry about a middle-of-the-night trip. i think we're done with make-believe in our house. these girls are way too practical!


  1. Funny! I love your posts! This story brightened my morning. I love how kids think! Cute girls!

  2. So cute! Every time I lost a tooth I made my parents put it in the mail box too. I didn't want that fairy flying anywhere near my pillow either! Your girls are smart. Love ya!

  3. how adorable!
    i love those two!

  4. Cute! As I'm reading this we just finished watching the tooth fairy super why! :)