Friday, January 29, 2010

the birthday boy

happy golden birthday brettlee! i've never seen god's hand more clearly in my life than in giving me you to walk with through it. you are my soft place to land day after day, and the one i want to share every moment with, whether life is good and perfect or i'm down and out and thinking life is over (in all my drama). you are the sweetest, most humble, most gentle man i know. before i met you, it was cool to say you wanted a man who would be a "spiritual leader" (remember that phase all the girls went through?), so i said it too, thinking it was somebody who prayed with you and led you in a bible study or something. you gave new meaning to the term, and to what i never knew a husband could be. you live out the gospel for me daily by dying to yourself, laying your own selfish desires down for me, kennedy, and blakely. you give me grace when i don't deserve it, and forgive readily. you challenge me in my sin, but never through condemnation or pride. i understand the gospel of grace now because you have lived it out for me. reading about god's grace or hearing pretty songs about it couldn't reach my heart the way having someone live it out did. you know the extent of my sin and the wretchedness of my heart and love me anyway. i love that our girls get to grow up with you as their daddy. you are a sweet picture for them of their heavenly father, but honest with them about your own sin and your own need for a savior. i hate it for their husbands...they're gonna have big shoes to fill to compare to their daddy. you love all of us so well. today i'm celebrating all you are, my love.


  1. I can't wait to hear how yall celebrate - maybe pizza at home and some candles in daddy's cupcake? You are such a sweet wife to such a sweet man. Send our congrats to him this weekend! We wish we were there to celebrate.

  2. happy birthday, brett!

  3. officially the sweetest post ever. my eyes are burning w/the tears :-) and i'm super grateful that the Lord gave to you Brett, so you could write things like this and remind me, too, to be grateful for my husband and all he is. Sweet.