Wednesday, January 13, 2010


well, i guess it's time i put my 2010 goals in writing for everyone to see in hopes that i'll live them out this year. i'm hoping that having a blog will help, as i can record my progress. i love setting goals and i love the new year for it's new beginnings. i know i can make new goals and start working on them at anytime, but the new year brings a new energy for me. here they are (and there's a good chance more will be added since it's already mid-january and i've added a new one almost every day this month.)

1. limit wasted time. i spend WAY too much time getting lost in stalking people in blogworld or on facebook. i want to make my "free time" more purposeful. i like having my goals as a gauge to ask myself if what i'm doing during this time lines up with what i want to accomplish/work towards this year.

2. blog more. i'm a sporadic blogger, but writing organizes my mind more than anything else, plus i love having a virtual family scrapbook that i can look back on one day.

3. recycle. i've been convicted about how i give no thought to taking care of god's creation. i used to think this practice was reserved for tree huggers, but apparently i'm one now (according to brett) because of my next goal...

4. go natural/homemade/organic. this is probably the goal i'll give the most attention to this year because of so many reasons. i'm already experimenting with the many, many things you can make yourself, so i'll be recording a lot of those here if you're interested in joining in with me. i started this last year, but i've been working heavily towards it this year already. part of this goal is to not buy anything i can make myself (a lofty striving when you start to learn everything you can make from scratch). there's a good chance i'll burn out so i may need some encouragement here.

5. stop treating my awesome camera as a point-and-shoot (i.e. take a photography class).

6. learn to sew. my mom and grandmother both sew, so i'm going to get sporadic lessons from them. i'm horrible and impatient, so i'm not sure it's my thing, but i want to work towards it.

7. be more consistent in teaching scripture to k and b. we bought them a little bible that we are reading with them every day, but all they ever want to read about is baby jesus. they don't really care to hear about him as a man. not sure how to get there?! :)

8. start playing tennis. i'm thinking i'll need lessons here too. my mom plays and just started like 5 years ago, so i think it's ok to pick it up at 29.

9. learn to ski. this is brett's favorite thing in the world, and i really want to be able to go with him. we went to park city last year, but i just couldn't do it. i think people who ski look so cool, but i don't know if i'm not built for it or what. we got to the top of the mountain, and the first problem is he didn't tell me i had to ski off of the lift, so he skied off without me, then i had to jump off and about broke my hip. once we started down the mountain, every time i would gain momentum i would get nervous and fall down on purpose, so after an hour of 3 feet then fall, 3 feet then fall, brett held my skis, put me on his back, and skied down that way. after awhile, we saw a guy on a snow mobile driving food up to one of the restaurants and i asked him to take me down. needless to say, i might need a miracle for this one (or atleast lessons on a bunny slope).

10. yoga atleast once a week. i started yoga last year and am now hooked. i used to avoid it because i felt like if i was going to spend an hour working out, i needed to be efficient and burn calories. i've seen an improvement in my weight training and cardio workouts because of it, so i want to be more consistent with it. plus, it's the most relaxing thing i do and forces an hour of selfishness.

11. drink more tea. in making our family's plan to go natural i'm learning about all of it's benefits.

12. start k and b in gymnastics.

13. wallpaper my half bath (if you're thinking i might as well go ahead and put a border halfway up or stencil some folk art at the top, be assured it's not gonna look 80s...there's some awesome wallpaper out there now. i just ordered a sample of the one i think i'm going to use, so hopefully i'll get it done soon (actually, i should probably say my mom will get it done soon. i don't know how, and don't really care to learn :)).

14. decorate k and b's room. brett's mom just gave us some old twin beds for their big girl room, so we'll be painting them and the room and working on bedding. i've got the idea in my head, so it's just a matter of putting it into action.

15. do something to our backyard. it's hideous.

16. start a garden (goes along with the backyard and going natural). i want to plant herbs and fruits and vegetables, but i've killed everything i've ever tried to plant. i don't mind planting stuff but i think it's supposed to keep itself alive. i'm not very diligent in following through with the many projects i begin, so maybe that should be my goal instead.

17. start making k and b do chores. not sure what all a 3 year old can handle, but they are MESSY right now, so i want to figure out how to give them more responsibility around our house.

18. go to orlando. brett and i lived there our first few years of marriage, and i've been wanting to go back and visit. we haven't been since the girls were 1, so it's time to pay a visit. i'm thinking it may be time to take the girls to disney anyway.

19. brush k and b's teeth. this is the most embarrassing one because we sound like a dirty family, but does anyone else HATE brushing their kids' teeth?! it's such a fight, so i usually end up telling myself they'll fall out anyway (so brett ends up doing it and i feel like an irresponsible mom).

this is a lot, but remember it's goals, not commitments :). i wish i was a marathoner, but i'm definitely a sprinter. i tend to start strong and burn out quickly, so wish me luck. good thing there's 352 days left. i'll post my progress along the way!


  1. what great goals!! keep us posted! i have started to learn to sew and I LOVE it. my parents gave me a machine for Christmas and it came with free lessons for life! i will for sure be needing those!

    when you and the fam go to orlando, make sure to let us know and stop by on your way through! we are just off of 75 South!


  2. What great goals! I totally can relate to #1. I love facebook, but it is such a time waster. Good luck with them. I am sure you will accomplish more than you think:) Happy New Year!!

  3. #5 and #6 are on my list of goals too! If you find a good photography class, let me know!!!

  4. Girl... when you figure out how to be a marathoner instead of a sprinter, let me know. I have so many "started but not finished" things in my life that I could spend the rest of it just trying to tie up lose ends :-(.

  5. please call me next year so we can get together, it sounds like you're booked for 2010 :)

    i love your well thought out goals. you can do it!!!

  6. Wow! Wish I had as much energy as you do. I would love to do some of the same things, but I guess I said it last year as well and it didn't happen. :) Just so you know, you can turn your blog into a book on I'm working on ours downloads it all for you and you choose the background and edit it. #19...we're the opposite. Jason says they'll fall out and I insist on brushing them (although I hate doing it), but he won't do it. :) Good luck. Can't wait to hear how it all goes!