Friday, January 8, 2010

it's a marshmallow world

...and we're stuck. i watched the news yesterday and laughed at all of the people rushing stores to empty the shelves of milk. you know who's laughing now? the people driving down the street who pass brett hiking to kroger in his ski gear and back pack. yep, we're stuck in our neighborhood, and we're not gonna starve to death, but combine my boredom driving me to cook with a man's drive to provide for his family, and the hike began. i got an e-mail this morning from our home owner's association saying the street going into our neighborhood was a solid sheet of ice, preventing anyone from leaving. most people in the neighborhood were atleast smart enough to move their cars to the street so as not to be stuck in their driveway (a lot of the houses are on a steep hill)...

not us. and the blanket you see on our driveway looks like pretty snow, but underneath the beauty is solid ice...

the 4 of us bundled up and took a walk around the neighborhood to see for ourselves, and we ice skated on the streets for most of the way.

on the way, we met the UPS man who has been stuck in our neighborhood all morning, and heard of the guy delivering the AJC who has been stuck here since 5 am. when we got to the main street, we saw a minivan attempt to climb the hill that leads out of the neighborhood and saw it scurry backwards, do a 360, and jack a mailbox.
k and b have been talking about making snow angels for weeks, so they were excited to finally try it...

looks like we'll be here all day, but i can't say there's anywhere i'd rather be than cozied up by the fire, relaxing with brett and roasting marshmallows with k and b. enjoy your snow day!!


  1. Wow. You got much more ice than I did. They cancelled school, and I'm annoyed.

  2. just found your blog, and I'm loving this post. What a fun day you had, and quite a fabulous mental picture of Brett and his hike :)

    We missed seeing you guys in Atlanta and hope your Holidays were wonderful!

  3. Yea! A new blog to read. I am not a very diligent blogger, but love reading other people's blogs. Your girls are precious! Hope you all are doing good