Monday, July 12, 2010

lots of updates

gosh, it's been forever since i've updated on our lives. summer has been way busier than i expected. i was afraid of getting bored, but no time for that. i'm trying to soak up my last few months with 2 kids. i have a feeling life with 3 is going to be a little crazier.

first of all, i went to the doctor a few weeks ago for my 16 week check-up. i was supposed to just hear the heartbeat, but the doctor couldn't find it because i had to pee. seriously, my bladder was too full. i had to wait forever, just like every other time i go to that place, but i'm afraid to leave the waiting room in case they call me and can't find me, so my bladder was about to explode when i finally got back to see the doctor. brett didn't come to this appointment, so when the doctor told me they were going to have to get me in for an ultrasound right away, i was excited at the thought of finding out the gender 4 weeks earlier than expected, but sad that brett wasn't there. not to worry though. we have yet another stubborn kid on the way. baby wouldn't cooperate, despite the ultrasound tech beating on my belly with that gadget they rub on you. i think i stopped breathing for about 3 minutes, half hoping it would help, half not able to from my nerves, but the umbilical cord was between its legs. she looked and looked, then announced that she "thinks it's a girl". she said she "wouldn't go out and buy anything", but she's so frickin conservative that she wouldn't even guess at our last appointment because it can be wrong, so i'm kind of trusting her on this one. i will admit that i was a little sad the rest of the day. everything in this pregnancy points to a boy, and we've asked god for a boy, but that might just not be his will for us right now (or ever, but i have a hard time saying that). selfishly, i wanted "permission" to never be pregnant again, but we would love to have one of each, so i guess we're keeping our options open now, and i'll possibly get to have the stomach flu for another 3 months :) of course, the tech could have been wrong, and it could still be a boy, but i can honestly say, not because it's the socially correct thing to say, but because i really mean it, that i'm totally happy with either. it's not the script we would have written, but neither was having twins, and nothing in this world brings me greater joy than watching my sweet little girls grow up together. besides, when i watch them, i wonder how on earth i could ever not want another one. i love little girls, and i'm sure i would love a little boy too, but we've just got to trust that god knows what he's doing. not that i'd be sad if we go back in a week and she was wrong...

on another note, our kids have switched personalites for the 49th time in their 4 short years. blakely is an angel now and kennedy is a rebel. i'll never figure these kids out, but i wish they would have a meeting and decide to both be sweet for a few days on the same day. i sure do love them though. have i told you lately how much i love 4 year olds? life is so fun right now, every day of it, and i'm trying to take it all in before it's time to figure out life as a family of 5.

onto other fun things going on, brett's countdown of my 30 days til 30 has begun. yep, the end of this month i'll enter the next decade. i could do without the "fine lines" that have decided to find their way to my face since having kids, but i'm excited about my 30s. i think the 20s are hard and confusing and 10 years of trying to figure out who you are, and i've learned more than i ever thought i would, but i wouldn't want to do it over again for anything. i LOVE birthdays, and everyone who knows me knows that includes my own, and my sweet husband never fails to celebrate it well. he says it's his favorite holiday (sweet, right?...probably not true, but sweet words and i'll believe they're true if i want to), and he's the best gift giver/surpriser i've ever known, so this year was no exception. his plan was to give me a gift every day for the 30 days leading up to my birthday, but he started the countdown off with this... i'm thinking the gifts will go downhill from here :) and how adorable is the little bow on this humongous car (and you can't see but it says "happy birthday")? needless to say, it was a fun surprise, and my other tahoe didn't have a third row or dvd player, so this one will make hauling 3 kids around soooo much easier. he called this my "birth month" gift, then made a good observation about months...this means i've seen 30 julys. if you're 30, doesn't it seem like you've seen july so much more than 30 times? such a random thought he came up with, but i thought it was true and it made me giggle, so i thought i'd share.

and finally, another reason i've been out of touch is we spent the last week and a half in st. simons. the first week we were there with my mom and coach, aunt and uncle, brother and sister-in-law, and cousin and his friend, then brett's dad and stepmom came down for the weekend. k and b hate the beach, and i'm secretly glad. the beach is great if you can take a chair, book, and cooler and spend the day there, but with kids, by the time you load everything up, haul it to the beach, and sunscreen them up, it's time to go back in for lunch and naps. they hate the sand getting them dirty and brett and i are right there with them, so we spent most of our days at the pool. good news is k and b pretty much learned to swim. i wouldn't throw them in the deep end or anything, but they do pretty well if they're in the shallow end and can touch when they want to. brett had to work some, but he was able to spend a good chunk of most days with us. some pictures from our trip...

heading to the pool in the jeep

in a silly face phase

with gabby at bubba garcias

wiped out

gabby and grandcoach

k at the playground

b at the playground

b dramatically telling one of her intense stories


b. and yes, i think they look adorable in pigtails, but they won't leave them in for anything.

we have another appointment in a week and a half to find out gender for sure, so i'll update soon! happy july!


  1. yay for a blog post! brett is definitely THE best gift giver/surpriser i know! k & b look so grown up in these pictures - they're beautiful!

    happy birthday month! :)

  2. My mouth dropped open at your "birth month gift" wonderful!! Brett knows how to treat you well!
    I LOVE the pigtails...cute!

  3. WHAT???? Oh Brett. you have set the bar way too high. Brad is in trouble when my 30th comes around in a few months! I hope to get to celebrate you - I am sooo excited for your new decade -I think we are going to like it.

  4. congrats on the new ride! love it. brett outdid himself once again.:) i can't believe this is our 30th year...scary and exciting all in one! the girl's pigtails are SO adorable! i must see them in person soon...