Thursday, July 15, 2010


today wraps up kennedy and blakely's last day of vacation bible school at mimi and gdaddy's church. we had a parents' night open house last night where we went through the "worship rally" they do and got to watch them jam to all of the little songs they've learned this week.

they have come home every day talking about this dog. they loved him! shocking given their repulsion to the chick-fil-a cow and monkey joe and chuck e. cheese...

i love when they have a new experience like this because it gives them weeks of new material to spark their imaginations. ever since i picked them up today they've been performing their "yee haw" song and making name tags with sharpies and masking tape to put on all of the fake kids they seem to see. they went to another vbs a few weeks ago and they're still having fun performing all of the songs. we had some people over a few nights ago to do some survey stuff and as soon as these strange men walked in our house, they threw on their "hair", climbed on the fireplace, and started performing. they seriously still think everyone that comes in our house has been invited to their performances. definitely no confidence issues with these girls.

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