Friday, April 2, 2010

spring is here!

not to discredit everything i've been learning lately in regards to depression from a spiritual standpoint, but i must say that pretty days work almost as well as anti-depressants for me. it's amazing how much better i feel when we can be outside. i love leaving the back door open and having all of the neighborhood kids run in and out of my house. i've always wanted the house where kids can come in a find a plate of cookies on the table and someone who will ask them about their day (except the cookie thing usually doesn't happen because if i make them and sit them out i eat them all; but i love the thought of it and hopefully one day will be disciplined enough to have that house. for now, i like being a place where they can atleast be welcomed with good conversation and an offer of milk and a fruit tray). these are the days i realize i'm really living my dream. i really think i have seasonal affective disorder. or i atleast like to think i've got myself figured out. a few pictures from our day yesterday...

would you think your neighbors were weird if this is what their kids wore to play outside in? notice the boobs on one and belly on the other. and i'm sure the hair needs no mentioning. to top it off, they were playing with our neighbor and went to her house and we were told later by her dad that one of them (they can't tell them apart but i'm guessing kennedy) said "my daddy said i could eat dinner with yall" in her finest southern accent. between the ridiculousness of their outfits and them obviously not getting to eat at their own home, i'm guessing they're wondering what's going on with our redneck clan.

very serious about perfecting the bike skills...

how blakely does bike helmets...

happy spring!


  1. it's amazing how beautiful weather can make you feel. these pictures are hilarious!

  2. Hey! I haven't had time to comment in a while:
    1. Self-tanner. I know I'm missing your point, but what do you use? =) I'm a non-sun person and am tired of my ghostly complexion.
    2. I'm going to try the deodorant. I'm worried, though. For the past 2 yrs., I've been on Yaz, for medical reasons, and it really makes my heat level increase. I'm hot all the time and therefore, I now sweat. But how in the world does oil and baking soda work as a deodorant?
    3. Natural (homemade) shampoo does not lather, correct? I'm a big Shaklee's fan and HATED the non-lathering shampoo. How do you get around that?
    4. I'm so proud of your cheese deal you got at Kroger! I'm very into those cross, double-savings. I've gotten pretty good at it. =)
    5. What about buying b a wig?

  3. kim...
    1. usually loreal sublime bronze but i don't love it. i have a lot of them that i got on clearance at the end of summer last year, so i'm still using those but probably won't buy it again. they changed their formula, and the old one was good but the new one is too sticky and streaky.
    2. i sweat too with the natural deodorant, but that's a good thing...your body releasing toxins, etc. the main thing is it keeps you from stinking, but if it bothers you to sweat at all, you're probably not going to like it. (also, i didn't include this in the recipe, but i've found it works better to mix in cornstarch too)
    3. my shampoo lathers because i mix it with water and shake it, which creates suds. it still doesn't lather as well as normal shampoo, but if you just think that it's chemicals that's causing the lather, it helps make the lather less appealing :)