Monday, May 17, 2010

good read

this weekend was pretty low key. brett and i had a movie night after we put the kids to bed friday night, then had our nephew riley's t-ball game and niece ansley's birthday party saturday. i forgot my camera AGAIN, which seems to happen at every event since i got the thing. maybe i subconsciously feel silly pulling out the humongous machine and keep waiting for people to call picture man over and pose when i've got it (georgia friends, does he still exist? i'd hate to know how much money i gave him over the years). sunday was lunch with my mom and coach, then a day of lounging at home and reading with the fans on and windows open...perfect, and just what my soul needed to remember how very much i love my home and the 3 people living in it with me, and all of the blessings i've wanted to ignore lately. speaking of coach (that's my stepdad for those of you who don't know. it's coach because he's my high school's football coach, but he and my mom married when i was in college. coach stuck, and has now become grandcoach), please pray for him if you think of it. he was diagnosed with prostate cancer a few months ago and is having surgery tomorrow. they caught it early, so hopefully will be able to remove it all. we'll be spending the day at st. joseph's with he and my mom, so any prayers you can send his way for a successful surgery and recovery would be appreciated.

on another note, my friend keri, who was a friend/acquaintance in college, but who i've now realized through blog land i think a lot like (and if we saw each other in person might never stop talking), posted this as a comment to my last post, and i loved it and wanted to share. the writer put what i've been feeling so well, and i loved the reminder of how fleeting this time is (and of course cried over the thought of looking in my rear view mirror and not seeing their little heads). my latest thought of k and b being a fourth of the way to driving is killing me...


The Dailyness
Ariel Allison Lawhon, She Reads Co-Director

"Blessed is the man who listens to me, watching daily at my doors, waiting at my doorway." Proverbs 8:34 (NIV)

Life wouldn't be so hard if it wasn't so daily. As I sit here surrounded by laundry and dishes piled high in the sink, I see more than ever how life wears us down one day at a time.

Crumbs litter the floor and dirty smudges cover the windows. And I have yet to discover where that smell is coming from. For this mother of four, a simple trip to the grocery store requires an act of God and Congress – attempted only when we are down to powdered milk and Ramen noodles. Not thirty minutes ago a little one-year-old boy clung to my legs, belting out that scream - you know the one, bats can hear it. And I felt my coping skills slipping away. Not because he was crying but because he cries every day.

The daily-ness.

The job of motherhood feels so vast, and frightening, and unending. I am called to raise these children in the fear and admonition of the Lord and yet there are days that I can't seem to get out of my pajamas much less lead them in a time of prayer. I think anyone could endure the temper tantrums of a small child or the rebellion of a teenager or the constant needs of another if they lasted just one day. But the truth is that these things are the stuff of daily life. And when I am honest with myself, they grind down the rough edges of this woman. Because parenting can not be all about me when diapers must be changed, noses wiped and beds made.

In those moments I force myself to take a deep breath and thank God for this season of life. These children. The privilege of wiping noses and bottoms and countertops. A privilege many women would love to have, but don't. I remind myself that the days are long but the years are short. And one day I will look in the rear-view mirror and see empty seats. The cup that is overflowing right now will slowly drain. The stretch marks will fade. And I will find that a new set of daily struggles has overtaken me. When that day comes I will find the strength to face them as well because God gives the grace, daily.

The daily-ness.

As C.S. Lewis once said, "The thing is to rely on God… Meanwhile, the trouble is that relying on God has to begin all over again every day as if nothing has yet been done."

Your daily-ness is probably different than mine, but it is nonetheless God-ordained. It is exactly what we need to live dependent on His grace instead of our own strength. The One who knows us best, who knit us together in our mother's womb, has allotted these days that are equal parts trial and triumph. And He knows that we will see Him most clearly from a place of dependence.

So today I embrace the normal things. The daily things. Another round of laundry. The ring in my toilet. The dust on my dresser so thick a child could write his name. But even more than that I want to celebrate the important things. A child slowly learning to read. A husband that finds his comfort in my arms. A baby who learns to walk and talk. Because all these are the things of life: some mundane and some holy. And all of them must be received daily.

Dear Lord, sometimes daily life is just hard. And we're tired. And overwhelmed. But You promised to be our strength and our hope and our comfort. So today we look to You for what we need. Would You meet us in this, our daily-ness, and help us receive Your grace? In Jesus' Name, Amen.


  1. i love this!

    praying for your family & a successful surgery tomorrow.

  2. Oh gosh, You knew I needed this today. Thank you, Nicole. What a perfect way to think of the dailyness of life with kiddos. Love you!

  3. i'm pretty sure we'd talk forever. What a blessing the blog world can be! Please continue writing. The Holy spirit likes to use you for me :)