Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ultrasound day

we had our ultrasound this morning, and have good news: it's only one, everything is healthy and growing, and we saw and heard the heartbeat (and the doctor didn't cut the baby out of my tummy like blakely thought he was going to do today). he/she was kicking his little legs and was pretty active through the whole thing, so i think we may have another wild child on our hands. not sure if that's normal at 9 weeks? i can't remember from k and b. it was so nice to see a nice, normal ultrasound, with one (healthy) baby. thanks for your prayers! our due date is december 5th, so i've got quite a while to go...i'm 9 weeks, 3 days. my next appointment and ultrasound is may 26th, and we reeeeaaaallly hope we can tell what it is then (because there's no way we're the type who can wait to find out). if we had to guess today, we're guessing boy because i'm not as sick as with k and b and hate sweets and crave salty and savory foods, but who knows. that's what we're praying for (i think that's politically incorrect to say, but you probably guessed since we have 2 girls), but obviously want a healthy little babe come december whatever it may be.
hope your week has been good so far!


  1. Not politically incorrect at all. Most of us would be lying if we didn't have even a small hope of one gender over another. Praise God for a healthy pregnancy. Will keep the prayers for healthy baby Lane coming!

  2. YAY!!! I've been praying :-)
    And we SWORE rhyan was a boy (although we both secretly wanted a girl) b/c at 9 weeks she was kicking her little teddy graham legs (so cute). But i'll be crossing my fingers for a boy for you!
    And where's the belly pic? Dont make me drive to your house to see the belly, nicole. ha.

  3. Im so happy for the good news! Stay healthy mama. Yay for being pregnant this summer in the hot together!