Tuesday, October 20, 2009

don't rock the socks

i love j crew. i really do. i like the way they create a unique blend of casual and elegant, and i especially like their use of texture and creative color combinations. i'm not doubting their ability to style, but i'm a little confused by all of their models in the november catalog. did anybody notice the granny socks and heels? if you just look at their feet, it looks like they were lounging at home, forgot something in the car, and stuck on the first shoes they saw in their closet to run out and get it. interesting. i think it's a trend that's been in and out over the past couple of years, and i can't knock it because i can't begin to count how many times i said "i would NEVER wear that"... including uggs, which rarely leave my toasty feet in the winter, the skinny jean (when i started seeing them in stores a few years ago i thought it was the worst idea EVER. who WANTS to make her hips look bigger?), leggings, etc. now they're all staples in my closet, so i've learned to never say never. this one would definitely have to grow on me. i'm hoping it's just j crew's attempt at creativity or attention or thinking outside of the box or something, but i guess we'll see.

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