Tuesday, October 13, 2009

island time

i didn't give up on blogging already. we spent the past week in st simons, but i didn't tell you (whoever "you" is) because i didn't want to risk a stalker reading this to know we were out of town and find our home address. anyway, we take an annual trip with brett's dad, stepmom, step sister, brother and sister-in-law, and their 2 kids, and that happened last week. the weather was a little crazy, so we really didn't do a whole lot outside. the first few days were perfect, so we were able to take the kids outside throughout the day, and i was able to do my favorite thing there during naptime...break away from everyone else for a little while and walk through the willow lined streets, listening to music other than taylor swift (k and b's current favorite). the middle of the week, the heat picked up, so we headed to the pool or beach early in the day, came inside to eat lunch and take naps around noon, and pretty much stayed inside the rest of the day, going out in the evenings to play on the new playground in the village or get ice cream. kennedy and blakely loved having a week to play with riley, who is only 2 months older. ryan and stacey live in monroe, so we only get to see them once a month or so, but when they're all together, the playing never stops.

the trip was a little broken up by a funeral brett and i came back for. my stepdad's dad, pops, passed away last week and the funeral was thursday. he was a coach at st pius for years and years, so it was held at the football stadium to accomodate the huge crowd, and was a neat celebration of his life and all of the students and players he impacted over the years. we left thursday morning, made it in time for the funeral at 2, then went back to st simons the same day. k and b stayed with brett's family, so brett and i got to spend 12 uninterrupted hours in the car together. here's a picture and an article...

a few pictures to re-cap our trip...

k and b on the beach for family pictures and a picnic


some kids and their dad dug a tunnel through the sand, so blakely stripped down and crawled through it. so typical.

riley and our redneck daughter, topless on the beach.

ansley is obsessed with brett and would chase him every time he left the room.

stacey with riley, kennedy, and blakely (and k wondering why b is making that face).

brett, ansley, and me

k caught red-handed fishing ice out of my water (pun totally intended).

enjoy this (hopefully) rain-free day!

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