Monday, October 5, 2009

weekend recap

brett and i spent saturday in athens for the georgia game with our sweet friends, dave and pollye...

it was fun and comforting to be back in my favorite town, spending the day with good friends and seeing people i spent 4 (and a half) years of my life with. i love how even after 6 years, you can still see people and feel like you never missed a beat. we spent most of the day tailgate hopping on north campus before heading to the game. pollye and i left at halftime because we were sick of the heat (that plus a fat 0 on the scoreboard wasn't making for a very fun game), and headed to last resort to hang out and watch the game on t.v. at the bar until we could meet up with brett and dave. we were happy to have gotten there early and put our name down for dinner because by the time everyone came from the game, it was a 3 hour wait. even a 3 hour wait would have been worth dinner at my favorite restaurant, but it was nice to be seated as soon as our dates got there.

i love last resort for the food, drinks, dessert, prices, memories; every part of it. it's the place brett took me on our first date sophomore year of college, and the place we went the first night of our engagement weekend senior year. i spent many nights of college there for date nights, girls' nights, birthday celebrations. brett and i go back every couple of months and are never disappointed with our experience there.

thanks, dave and pollye, for a fun day in our favorite place with some of our favorite food and people. (let's just hope the dawgs improve a little in the coming weeks.)

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