Wednesday, October 28, 2009

fall fun

kennedy and blakely had their fall festival and class party at school yesterday. it was fun to stand back and watch them in a different environment and wonder how they can have the same dna. i guess they definitely look alike to those who don't know them very well. at each station of the festival they went to, one would take her turn doing the activity, then when the other one went to the station a few minutes later, the teacher working the station would say "you already had a turn, so let's let the other kids go first". she would give a sad look and try to defend herself, but it's a little confusing for a 3 year old to try and explain that it was her twin, not her. most of the kids are fascinated with 2 kids who look alike, and a lot of the moms told me that their kids go home and talk about kennedy and blakely and how they wear the same clothes and look the same, and how they want to have a twin too. so sweet. k and b wonder why the kids in their class weren't born with a friend. they spent the first month of school trying to figure out who in the class lived in a tummy together. here they are with some of their friends:

kennedy excited:

blakely, trying to learn how to hoola-hoop:

their class decorated cookies, and i was amused at how well the cookies showed k and b's personalities. the teacher gave them a little cup with sprinkles, skittles, and m&ms, and after they frosted their cookie, they were free to decorate it however they wanted. here's all of the cookies together; typical kid-decorated cookies:

blakely, my perfectionist, made sure her's were lined up; sprinkles were way too out-of-control for her:

kennedy, my little piggie, ate all of her skittles and m&ms and just put the sprinkles on:

we had pizza for lunch, and again, i got to see how very different my kids are from the typical 3 year old. every other kid's plate; a few nibbles gone:

k and b's plates like 30 seconds after they got pizza; not a crumb left:

my kids eat like grown men. whether it's pizza and cupcakes, or raw broccoli, they eat whatever i put in front of them, and mass quantities of it. i know i'm lucky, but our grocery bill looks like we already have 2 teenagers.

brett came too, and in a really exciting moment, a mom told me k and b look just like me! 4th time in 3 years!

and finally, a good depiction of k and b's polar opposite personalities (click play on the bottom left of the video). i wasn't in a place to get a good shot of blakely, but you can see her little head behind the other kids. not sure why she cried at the end. their thoughts:
k: "singing is so much fun!"
b: "do these kids not know how dorky they look singing this stupid song?"

happy fall!

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