Wednesday, March 10, 2010

the boat movie

thought you could use something a little lighter from my blog this morning...especially on a rainy day like today :)

on days we're at home, most of our time is spent either watching the sound of music ("the boat movie" as k and b call it) or acting it out...they come up with the parts themselves and act out different scenes. if you've been to our house, i'm sure you've acted as their audience. they think everyone who steps through our door came to watch them perform. if you've seen the movie, here's the scene where the kids march down the stairs to introduce themselves to maria. k is "lisa" (liesel) and i still can't figure out who b is ("moesa"?). the first video is them (or i should say blakely) working out their positions. can you tell who rules the roost?

do you like how "fregren" is really standing there?


  1. Haha, these are great! Maybe "moesa" is Luisa? I love how they say try to say the lines: "I'm Liesel and I don't need a governess" ... "you mean you don't know anything about being a governess?" ... "you must never come to dinner on time" ... they're awesome! :) such a great movie to get hooked on at an early age

  2. oh my gosh, this made my day! so funny!! my kids are addicted to Sound of Music too but these girls are hardcore! they know all the words!! soooo cute