Wednesday, March 17, 2010


if you don't have to have organic, this week is the week to stock up on kraft cheese at kroger. they do this every year around this time it seems, and i always stock up. last year i bought 27 packs and this year 24. embarrassing. both krogers i've been to have those kraft coupon things that blink at you right beside the cheese, and the coupons are to save $1 on 2 packs of shredded or chunk (the bar kind). they're on sale for $1.49, and if you buy 8, you get $4 off your order. pull out 4 of those coupons and that takes 50 cents off each one, plus the 50 cents off each from buying 8, and you get each pack or bar for 50 cents. better yet, i went to publix and took the kraft coupons by their cheese because they were save $2 on 2, so kroger paid me 1 cent for each pack of cheese i took home. the only thing that beats free is getting paid for it and if you buy 24 packs like me, you make 24 cents :) i'm not hoarding...we really will eat all of that between now and june when it expires, but if you live close to me and run out of cheese, stop by and i'll give you some. now i've got to find every casserole recipe i can to use it, so if you've got any you love, send them my way.

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