Monday, March 1, 2010


i feel like it's been so long since i've talked about everyday life with our family. i had the best intentions of starting a blog to record random everyday events both to share with family and friends and to have a virtual scrapbook of sorts to look back on one day and see what these crazy years were like. i've gotta get better about it; it's just that by the time i sit down at the end of the day, i'm too tired to think, much less write out my thoughts.

nap times are pretty inconsistent now because kennedy has pretty much given hers up. she takes one a few days a week, but the other days, she follows me around the house, bored and lost without blakely to entertain her. naptime was always my time to get things done that i couldn't do with k and b, so i'm trying to figure out how to still be productive. also, we're trying to figure out what our evenings look like because when k hasn't taken a nap, she needs to go to bed at 7, but since b usually has, she's not tired until atleast 9. try getting one to bed while the other stays fun. plus, i don't mind no-nap days because it's worth me not having that break during the day if it means brett and i have our evenings together, but as it stands now, there's a kid up from 7 to 9. i love my kids and all, but do you know how much a 3 year old talks?

this weekend was a much needed time of marital connection for brett and i. we dropped k and b off in dacula with gabby and grandcoach and headed to athens for the weekend. we try to have a weekend away every 3 or 4 months, and to go back to what i said earlier about being too tired at the end of the day to think, we just don't have it in us at the end of a lot of days to talk and connect, so we depend on these weekends to talk through issues so we don't crash and burn. pre-kids it seemed so easy to stay connected. i'm probably idealizing what life looked like because i usually do that to the past, but if we were fighting about something (is "working through an issue" the more appropriate way to say it on a public blog?), we could talk about it when we needed to. i'm a yeller when i fight (lovely) and now we've got an audience of 4 little ears, plus a day that doesn't end when work ends, so we sometimes put off issues until these weekends away. we had the intention of going to charleston or st simons or somewhere exciting, but truth be told, the drive sounded exhausting. i think we're getting old. in my mind though, you just can't beat athens. it's only 45 minutes from my mom and coach, so if we needed to get back to k and b for any reason we can, and i never ever get tired of the food and shopping there. not to mention, it seems like our town since it's where life started for us. it was a busy weekend there, but i love a bustling town, so it was perfect. there was a baseball game, ga/fla basketball game, and i'm guessing some parents' weekends for a few sororities because the foundry and hotel indigo were both booked and stores were crazy full of sorority girls and sorority moms shopping on daddy's dime. lucky girls. we had to stay at a sleep inn that just opened near the mall, which sounds sketchy, but it was actually pretty nice and only $60 a night (actually it lists for more than that, but remember i'm married to the clark howard of our generation so we rarely pay what someone tells us we're gonna pay). we ate at all of my favorites...big city bread (which if you haven't been there in awhile, they opened up the area next to it so there's more inside seating...woohoo!), last resort, transmetropolitan, and a reeeaaaaalllly good addition to athens, taqueria del sol. also, i thought i might cry when cookies and company closed, and i'm still mourning over it a little, but there's a yogurt shop in it's place that i LOVE, called yoguri. it's the pink berry kind of yogurt, not the tcby kind, but real yogurt is so addicting, especially because you can think about the good things it's doing for your body while you eat it. i highly recommend the original and dark chocolate swirled. so even though food is my favorite topic and i could go on and on about these places, we also shopped a lot and had really good conversation and just enjoyed being together kid-free and uninterrupted.

today was back to the daily randomness. k and b went to school as usual this morning, but i got a call while i was at the gym that blakely had had an "accident" in her pants. i'll spare the details so she's not embarrassed one day reading this, but i'm not sure what's going on with her here. this is the 3rd time in a week now, and she has since proceeded to pee in her pants 2 more times today. any advice from those with older kids? we had a talk with her about what would happen if she did it again, but i also don't want her to be scared of accidents and hide it. i remember when i was little i used to pee in my pants and throw my panties behind a chair in my room. my mom moved the chair one day and discovered where all of my undies had disappeared to. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree ;) anyway, she thought it was SO fun that i picked her up from school (you would understand why i went ahead and took her home if you saw her. i had to throw her pants away and she had poop all down her legs. sick.), so i'm kindof worried she's going to do it again just so she'll get to go home.

no more random thoughts for today. if you're wondering, blakely still wears her hair every day, even to sleep in, and kennedy has had no more injuries. that's about it for now.


  1. I remember incidents of you peeing in your pants if you laughed too hard (as a TEEN!). Ie: spring break 1998 new york chorus retreat :-)
    But to be fair, i still sometimes about wet myself when i laugh too hard :-) So maybe theres hope for blakely! OR maybe she'll be like us as adults. In that case, we'll pray she has good friends who love her despite her flaws. HA!

  2. this is hysterical. i laughed so hard i think i woke my child. anthony will never admit it, but he really likes your blog :)
    sweet blakely just likes to keep things interesting. glad you had fun in athens.