Thursday, March 18, 2010

hooked on phonics

i know i've mentioned before that my kids talk a lot. i don't know if this is normal 3 year old behavior or if they've inherited it from me (please say it's normal). they usually entertain me and make me laugh, but the hot topic of our conversations lately is making me desperate for silence: i have to spell words everything i say, i have to spell it. if i say somebody's name, we have to sound it out and figure out which letters it contains and why. if it doesn't make sense (like in those weird words like "know" where the k is silent), we have to have a debate where i must convince them all over again that i went to school for 17 years to learn these things. k pretty much believes everything i say, but i spend half my day arguing with b over letters. how would you answer these?...

blakely confused by kennedy's lisp...
b: "s is a hard letter. sometimes it says 'ssssssssss', and sometimes it says 'thhhhhh'. th-th-thunder. that might start with an 's' but it might start with a 't-h'"

and blakely the know-it-all...
k: "my name ends with an 'e'. kenne-deeeeee. eeeeeeee."
me: "actually, it ends with a 'y'. the eeeeee sound is made by the letter 'y' in this case"
b: "so elephant starts with 'y'?"
me: "no elephant starts with 'e'"
b: "i know it used to, but now 'y' says eeeeeeeeeee"
me: "y only says eeeeeeee sometimes"
b: "ya-ya-yelephant. ya-ya-yelephant. elephant starts with a 'y'"


  1. Oh good Lord. What a handful you have :-)
    This is helpful for me as now i will not attmept to teach Rhyan to spell :-)

  2. Awesome. You have patience like I will never know! I want to see those girls soon please!

  3. I love reading your blog! It is so entertaining listening to the stories about your girls. They crack me up.

  4. That's REALLY funny!!! They'll be ready to read soon.
    And that EEEEE at the end of the word is exactly why my nickname is spelled Kimme. To a logical 3 yr old Kim + me = Kimme. =) My mom let me choose my spelling.

  5. Your kids are adorable. Wanted to recommend two things:

    1) Hooway for Wodney Wat by Helen Lester, a picture book you will enjoy with your kids about a rat who lisps but saves the day when a new bully misinterprets his words

    2) explode the code phonics series if your daughter is into workbooks or progrssive if she isn't.

    i blog on phonics at

  6. that is too funny. That would definitely become difficult to explain!