Wednesday, March 24, 2010

low budget gallery

i like to re-decorate. often. our budget, and his friend brett, does not like for me to re-decorate often. thus, i'm always looking for ways to keep our house's look fresh without breaking the bank. here's my latest project...

*michael's frames $3.75 each...not the nicest frames, but they do the job and aren't too bad. plus, they come matted so you save that expense as well. they are normally $10, but they put them on sale often for $5, then they'll send out a coupon for 25% off your total frame purchase, thus bringing the final cost to $3.75 each.

the pictures are from one of my very favorite finds (thanks to some random blog i stumbled across...can't even remember which one it was, but i saw it and so did my friend tyler, then she re-found it and sent it to me.). anyway, the layout of the site is pretty hideous, but it's content is great. there are TONS of vintage printables that you can turn into your own cheap artwork. i went with vintage birds and nests and printed them on linen paper, using the rough side to make them look even older. with the paper and frame, each of my pictures came to just $4....that's $32 to fill an entire wall with artwork, which is pretty unheard of. i printed one for my guest bedroom as well, and will be finding some more for k and b's new room.

the wall still may need more on it, so if any of my readers who are talented decorators want to shoot some advice my way it's always welcomed. decorating is not my strong suit, so i'm definitely not offended by suggestions. here's the whole room...


  1. I just did this too! Such a great decorating project. Yours look alot better.

  2. Love this!! Please send me that site!!

  3. looks awesome!

  4. I meant to tell you while I was over on Friday that I love the prints and the wall looks great! Please send me that site, too!

  5. Dear Budget,

    A few additional costs to account for:

    (Assumptions based on $.50 per Mile)

    1. 5 trips to Michaels ($12.50)
    2. 1 trip to my office for printing ($10.00)
    3. Encore Printer Usage ($5.00)

    Total Costs: $32.00+27.50 = $59.50

    $59.50 / 8 = $7.44 Per Frame

    By the way, Nicole - the budget still approves and you did an awesome job!!!

    Love you!


  6. I LOVE IT!! The wall looks great!